Why You Need A Coming Soon Page Before Launching

The process of launching your fashion website if you haven’t already noticed consists of several different action items and steps.


Gone are the days when all you had to do was select a layout, set up your first post then launch.


Gone are the days that when you do go live and launch, it’s not complete silence and you’re friends and family don’t have to be your only audience and readers.


With the evolution of the world wide web and website features, you now have an advantage and a way to get ahead of the game while you’re in the process of building your brand and designing your website.


Just imagine launching to an audience of readers who are anxiously awaiting to take in all you’ve got to offer.


Now a days, this is possible.


Running a website, in my opinion, isn’t something to do “Just for fun,” anymore - if you’re going to invest your time and energy into it, you should be strategic about it.


Your audience is the most important part of your business.  Without an audience and people visiting your website, shopping with you to hiring you, how can you survive or expect to grow your brand?


It’ll be extremely difficult to pull it off.


Which brings me to: building your email list.


It is never too early to begin promoting and talking about your brand even if you haven’t launched your website yet.


With the help of your social media pages, you can begin attracting your crew, today.. Without your actual website being live.


You can begin creating buzz, giving your readers a taste of what’s to come so that when you do launch, you already have an audience waiting on you!


Why You Need A Coming Soon Page


A coming soon page is a great way for you to see how your current followers are engaging with your content - do they have a need for the content you’re offering? Or, are they barely visiting your website? What draws more people and what doesn’t?


This will give you an idea on the type of content to create for your audience and give you a starting point on how to build out your content strategy.

Your audience are some of the most important people to your brand, being able to get an idea of what they like before you even launch puts you a step ahead of creating content that they actually want to read.


Primp & Prep


I’ve created a Primp & Prep workbook that’ll take you step-by-step to setting up and customizing your coming soon page on a WordPress.org website, integrate your Mailchimp account so you can start building your email list plus a way for you to track your engagement and gauge your audience's’ level of interest - #majorkey!


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