Wardrobe Basics Styled From Work To Weekend

If you have a 9 to 5 job that requires a more dressier attire and your out of the office style doesn't match that; you probably have clothes that you wear in the office and a separate selection that you wear on the weekend/off-hours.  Truth is, you don't need separate wardrobes or need to label your pieces as, "work clothes," and "weekend clothes," because even with the dressier items, you can still dress them down where they're more practical for your lifestyle outside of your 9 to 5.  

Whenever you're spending money adding new items into your wardrobe, you want to be able to get a lot of wear of your pieces without having to limit when or how to wear them -- shopping around for dressy pieces  for work and casual clothes for weekend wear will leave you struggling to wear the same clothes differently and settling for wearing the same outfits.

If you want to be able to wear all of your clothes without having to label them as dressy or casual and instead want to learn how you can make casual, dressy and appropriate for the office and how to take your favorite pieces you wear in the office and style them in a more practical way for running errands, social outings to hanging out with your kids; you have to learn how to maximize your wardrobe AKA shopping from within your closet.

The first step to maximizing your wardrobe is making sure you have the right pieces in your closet - your wardrobe basics.  These are the garments, shoes and accessories you can coordinate with anything in your wardrobe and it'll be an instant match.  I list out the 24 wardrobe basics: here.  Without your basics it'll make it harder to mix and match your pieces with each other to create new outfits.


Maximizing Your Wardrobe: The Basics

One way to maximize your wardrobe is using your wardrobe basics to create new outfits around everything you own, because your basics are a combination of both dressy and casual items you can then easily add a "casual" item to a more dressier piece that you wear in the office to make it more wearable outside of the office.  Or, allow you to add dressier pieces to your look so you can wear something as basic as a tee into the office and it be work appropriate.  Two separate wardrobes are not needed, learning how to maximize your wardrobe will teach you how to exhaust all of your outfit options before you need to spend money on new clothes.  In Maximizing Your Wardrobe: The Basics eBook, I show you exactly how to coordinate your basics to make your outfits more casual, more dressy and how to turn all of those pieces you're struggling to style into new outfits.

The outfits included in this blog post are sample outfit ideas from this eBook.

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Maximizing Your Wardrobe: Dress Up, Dress Down

Outside of your wardrobe basics, there are also different styling techniques that'll allow you to create even more outfit options around the clothes in your closet.  Your wardrobe basics will double the size of your wardrobe, learning how to dress up and down any garment will triple your options.

Remember, maximizing your wardrobe requires spending no money shopping.  You're shopping from within your closet to create new outfits around the same pieces.

Mastering how to maximize your wardrobe options will allow you to shop less, create more outfits around your clothes and no longer feel the need to label your garments as: work clothes, weekend clothes, dressy clothes or casual clothes.  Instead, you can have one functional wardrobe and no matter the occasion or event, you'll be able to create outfits around all of your pieces.

In Mastering Maximizing: Dress Up, Dress Down eBook, you'll learn the different styling techniques to dress up and dress down every item you own.

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From Work To Weekend

These 6 outfits are all created around your wardrobe basics and transition 3 basic tops: black turtleneck, basic tee and striped sweater from work to the weekend.  Create a more versatile wardrobe with your basics and make it easier for you to create more outfits by adding different basics to your look and learning how to dress up and dress down your pieces.


Styling Your Basics: From Work To Weekend


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