Wardrobe Staples and Outfit Ideas for Women In Their 20's


Transform your style and create a wardrobe where getting dressed is easy without having to always shop for new pieces.


What does your closet look like? Is it packed full of clothes? Does it take you a long time to pick out your outfits? Do you find yourself changing in and out of different outfits before settling on one that you’re ok with?


Your closet is filled with clothes that you like, but you can’t wear them, right?


No matter how much shopping you do, you never seem to have anything to wear.  No matter how hard you try to wear a new item or something you haven’t worn in months, it’s a struggle to put together an outfit.


Having a closet full of clothes isn’t always the best closet to have.  If your closet is filled with clothes, chances are, you have no idea what else you could add to your closet to make it easier to put together outfits.  You may feel overwhelmed by having too many options to choose from. Or, your wardrobe is filled with a bunch of random pieces, one-time wears to those single outfits.


In some cases, you’ll hear the phrase, “go back to the basics,” start from scratch and try again.  In your case, that’s exactly what you need to do, and I have created a guide to help you through it.


You have a closet filled with clothes but can’t wear them, so you don’t necessarily have to start from scratch.  Instead of continuing to add new pieces, you need to focus on getting back to the basics - your wardrobe basics.


You can transform your wardrobe and save thousands of dollars by investing in the basic pieces that make it easier to mix and match your clothes to create different casual and dressy outfits around the same pieces.


If you’re familiar with capsule wardrobes, your basics are their own capsule.  But instead of mixing and matching them with each other and only being able to wear in one season; you can coordinate them with everything in your closet and wear them throughout any season.   Your wardrobe basics alone provide you with a four-season wardrobe making it easier for you to transition your clothes through different seasons and being able to get more wear out of your clothes, minus all of the shopping.


The below is a preview of my eBook, Building A Wardrobe: The Basics which helps you fill the gaps of your wardrobe with the basic pieces.  This eBook provides you with a complete list of clothes, shoes, and accessories that you can wear with everything in your closet and during any season.  This eBook is available in three different versions with different styles of clothes - (1) On-Trend, (2) Classic and On-Trend, and (3) Classic and Modern.


Here are a few basics featured in Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook for a classic and on-trend style:


Adding your basics will provide you with plenty of ways to style your clothes and dress them up and down.  With these nine pieces alone, you instantly have nine different outfit ideas surrounding the same pieces:


My Wardrobe Building eBooks have helped thousands of women build a multi-functional wardrobe that reflects their style and makes getting dressed easy and effortless:

Through these eBooks I’ve been able to create a wardrobe that really works for me and reflects my personality and my space in life. I have a wardrobe filled with basics that I didn’t have before and I’ve been able to get more mileage out of my old pieces.
— Customer Testimonial

Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook expands on this post and guides you with:

- Adding pieces that show off your style

- Cleansing your existing wardrobe

- Assessing your lifestyle and wardrobe needs

- Color focus

- 24 pieces: clothes, shoes, and accessories with a style guide highlighting different fits, necklines, lengths, to the style of clothing

- 140 casual and dressy outfits using your wardrobe basics

- Wardrobe basics online shopping guide


This eBook is your guide to being able to turn a closet filled with clothes and nothing to wear to a more functional and purposeful wardrobe where you can wear all of your clothes.  It is delivered to you by email, and you will receive immediately after ordering:



Seasonal Wardrobe Essentials


As seasons change, use your wardrobe basics to transition your favorite pieces into different seasons and combine them with your seasonal pieces to create even more outfits.


If you struggle with simplifying what to shop for each season, I create capsule wardrobe eBooks that provide you with a wardrobe plan and outfit ideas.


The pieces featured throughout these eBooks can also be mixed and matched with each other to create different casual and dressy outfits.  And once the season comes to an end, use your basics to transition them into the next season.


It’s like clockwork! It provides you with a more streamlined and simplified way of shopping, making it easier for you to dress better with the clothes you have and not always having to spend money.


Here are a few essentials featured in The Basics: Summer Style eBook which focuses on a classic and on-trend style.  


A few pieces are shared throughout different eBooks illustrating different ways you can carry them through different seasons; like the striped tee, jeans and olive vest.  Focusing on your basics will provide you with plenty of ways to wear your clothes, shop less, and get more wear out of the clothes you have. And when a season changes, the only thing you have to do (if you want to) is update your closet with new seasonal essentials.  The summer capsule wardrobe eBooks provides you with a guide on what to focus on for each season.

9 pieces, 9 outfits:

The summer capsule wardrobe eBooks offers:

- A set amount of clothes, shoes, and accessories

- Shopping guide to shop exact pieces and additional styles

- Color and print focus

- 100 casual and dressy outfits

- Assessing your wardrobe needs for the season




Spring capsule wardrobe eBooks are also available at a discounted rate since we are no longer in that season (a new one will be available next year).  Click here for your spring wardrobe essentials.

Fall/Winter wardrobe eBooks will be available later in the year



Getting Back To The Basics


With your basics, you-are-all-set! Going back to those clothes you haven’t worn in months because you never had the right pieces:


That shirt you’ve been wearing the same way, you now have different ways to wear it:

Eight casual and dressy outfits surrounding one shirt.  The cost to make this happen? Zero dollars. Maximize your wardrobe options, minimize your spending.


Your basics make it easier for you to mix, match and transition your clothes throughout every season and provide you endless options on how to wear your clothes to create different outfits.


In Maximizing Your Wardrobe: The Basics eBook, I teach you how to double the number of outfits in your closet by using your wardrobe basics.  So everything you have in your closet, you’ll know what style clothes, shoes, and accessories you can add to any outfit to dress it up or dress it down.


Plus, how to use your basics to ease into wearing different colors, prints, and styles.




Through these eBooks, you’ll have a complete guide of dressing better with the clothes in your closet, how to spend less and create more outfits, and how to look and feel good no matter the occasion, event, or season.

These eBooks have had a dramatic impact on my ability to have a more cohesive wardrobe. I would recommend this eBook to anybody who struggles trying to figure out what to wear on a daily basis. These guides make wardrobe building fun and it’s realistic. I was wasting so much time and $$$ when I had no idea what I was doing. Ladies, we don’t have to break the bank if we follow these steps! I’m grateful that I invested in these eBooks.
— customer testimonial

Are You Ready To Get Back To The Basics?