7 Mistakes You're Making That's Stopping Your Blog From Growing

If you haven’t realized by now, blogging is more than just taking pics and posting on your blog and/or social media channels.


In this day and age, digital space and an online presence is one of the most valuable pieces to a growing business.  You can no longer approach blogging with no strategy in place and expecting to stand out.  But with the many in’s and out’s, it’s difficult to figure out exactly what to do and how to do it.


You’re eager to build your brand, stuck trying to figure out how to get things done, so you end up “falling victim” to the following, which may be one of the few reasons you’re not seeing growth:


#1: You have no idea how to position your brand to stand out among the masses - you’re winging it and/or doing what others are doing and expecting results.

Even in a saturated market, you can still standout.  If you haven't taken the time to pinpoint how exactly your brand can stand out, attract an audience and grow, it'll be an ongoing struggle to grow your brand.

Solution: define your brand and who your audience is | checkout my workbook that helps with this: here.


#2: You don’t know who your audience is - you’re creating content for everyone and expecting your audience to come running in.

When you're trying to reach everyone and be for everybody you'll find yourself struggling to attract the right audience.  Your audience are the key players to a growing business, if you don't have the right audience, how can you grow or expand?  

Solution: defining your target audience | checkout my workbook that helps you with this: here.


#3: You’re more focused on followers, comments and likes vs building an email list - if social media disappeared tomorrow, you would no longer have an audience and have to start over from scratch.

Simply put: you own your email list, you have zero rights to social media.  If all social media platforms disappeared tomorrow, your business should still be able to function and you should still be able to reach your audience (through your email list).  Having an email list is golden.

Solution: it's easy to setup a sign up form on your blog but if you want to see major growth with your email list, you need to have a content and lead magnet strategy in place.  Knowing your target audience also plays a huge part in this.  If you need help creating a content + lead magnet strategy | checkout my brand development one-on-one sessions: here.


#4: You’re relying solely on Instagram to grow your blog and business - you have zero control over Instagram and why limit the growth of your blog and biz to a platform that you don’t even operate?

If you're looking to build a brand, get more sales to clients, you need to have a blog, period.  Having a blog as a platform (that you own) is one of the best ways to continue to market your brand, build a relationship with your readers and grow.  Almost all brands now a days, have a blog.  If your brand doesn't you're missing out a lot of opportunities to grow your business.

Solution: launch your blog | checkout my online course: here or if you want hands-on help with building out your blog with a content strategy, checkout my brand development one-on-one's: here.


#5: You’re trying to cut corners -- you’re having a hard time juggling your 9 to 5 with growing your blog, so you’re thinking you don’t need to blog and can just operate on Instagram only.

Trying to take shortcuts is only shooting yourself in the foot.  You can't cut corners when trying to build and grow a business.

Solution: if you're stuck trying to figure out your next step and/or have no idea on what you should be doing | checkout my one-on-one's: here.


#6: You’re underestimating the power of content creation -- valuable and quality content is what attracts an audience and I'm not talking about posting on social media, actual blog posts.

Content is king.  Content is a must if you want to see growth.  Posting photos on social media and/or not having a content strategy if sharing your personal style photos to content on your blog is creating missed opportunities for you.  Each blog post is an opportunity for your brand.  Valuable content that serves your audience is essential.  With social media making it easier for people to get access to you, why do people have a need to visit your blog? You have to give them a reason.

Solution: create a content strategy | checkout my workbook for this: here or my one-on-one's: here.

#7: You don’t have a system in place so your blog and business can grow on it’s own - you’re taking it day by day, feeling stressed and overwhelmed trying to keep up with everything which often leads to not getting much done.

With a strong content and marketing strategy in place, your business can operate on autopilot - reach new people every day, send out emails without you being in front of your computer to making sales while you're sleeping.

Solution: make your workload more manageable and put a content and marketing strategy in place so you can see growth | checkout my one-on-one's: here for help.


I’ve been where you’re at this very moment - juggling a job and trying to figure out how to grow my blog in my free time AND still manage to have a life.  It’s definitely hard and back then, I didn’t know half of the stuff that I do now - so, I gave up my social life and dedicated all of my free time to growing my brand.  While I’m not saying that’s the way you need to go, it paid off because now I’ve been running my blog and biz full-time for the past few years and it’s continuing to grow (read my full story: here).


One of the many reasons I decided to expand my business and help women build their brand because it's attainable -- there are many things that go into building and growing your blog/online business, it's really easy to get overwhelmed on what needs to be done or how to do it.  I've been running my business on my own from the beginning, if I can do it, so can you.  My line of products, online courses to one-on-one's are designed to make it possible for you.  These products help you treat your blog like a business.  Blogging can open up the doors to everything you've been dreaming of and looking to do.  


Let me just say this: if you have a job, you’re a mom, lead a busy lifestyle, have a crazy social calendar lineup -- you can still grow your blog and business.  I provide you with the tools that’ll help you grow your audience, shift your mindset from blog to biz to how to setup systems that’ll help you blog grow while juggling it all.

Just know -- it is possible, if you want it to be!