Wardrobe Staples and Outfit Ideas for Women In Their 30's

Believe it or not, there are wardrobe pieces that make it 10 times easier to get dressed and create outfits around everything you own.


When you’re adding to your wardrobe, you should have a good idea on the different pieces your wardrobe needs that are practical for your lifestyle and what your wardrobe is lacking so you have a better approach to shopping and not wasting your money.  The 3 steps to consider first are:


1- Assessing your lifestyle

2- Assessing your wardrobe needs

3- Cleansing your existing wardrobe


Understanding what you need makes it easier to narrow down what to shop and look for.  I breakdown these 3 steps in a Q&A in Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook.


Thinking about your color scheme is also something you need to factor in, you don’t have to limit yourself to certain colors or prints to have a functional wardrobe but if you want it to be easier to style your colored and printed pieces over and over in different ways, you want to add in the basic pieces first because they’re neutral colors.  Neutrals can be paired with anything - no matter the color or print it’s an instant match.  I always recommend when you’re looking to build or rebuild your wardrobe, start with your basic pieces for this very reason.  You want it to be easy to grab an item in your closet and easily pair with anything else.  

I can remember when my wardrobe lacked the basic pieces, I found myself constantly shopping just so I could have new options.  I would often buy to only wear once and then struggle to coordinate it with any other clothes I owned because it didn’t match.  I racked up major credit card debt because I had a bad shopping habit, I’d shop for complete outfits at a time or shop for pieces that I’d know would pair perfectly with something else I had  This only lead to a having a closet full of clothes with random pieces and eventually pieces I was hardly wearing.


It wasn’t until I realized that focusing on pieces that I can pair with all the items I already had, I would see a drastic change in my wardrobe, style and my shopping habits.  It gave me a new meaning of shopping with a purpose.  It also made it easier for me anytime I did buy anything new, I didn’t have to struggle to put together outfits around it or have to shop for a full outfit for it because with my basics, I already had a ton of outfit options for it.  I was able to shop less but now able to create more outfits around my clothes.  Spend less but have more options, sounds crazy, right?


I’ve spent time filling in the gaps of my wardrobe with my basics and seasonal pieces, so no matter the season, I’m already prepared and the only shopping I need to do, is from within my wardrobe.

Your basics help to balance out your trendy pieces, colors to prints and your seasonal pieces you can easily mix and match with them to create even more outfits.


When I decided to rebuild, not only was the color scheme a focus but also the style.  I wanted to make sure I was adding in pieces that’ll work today, next week, next year and season, 2 years to 10 years from now and they’ll still be on trend and stylish.  So, I honestly, save a lot of money because I don’t have to shop for new pieces unless I want to.


If you’re familiar with capsule wardrobes, having a set amount of pieces and then being able to mix and match them to create a combination of casual and dressy outfits -- your wardrobe basics are it’s own capsule but instead they’re filled with pieces that’ll work year-long throughout every season.


In Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook, I’ve listed out these 24 wardrobe basics and 140 outfit ideas around them.  Before you start building or rebuilding, start with your basics.  I include a combination of neutral tops, pants, dresses, bottoms, skirts, shoes to accessories that you can wear all year long and you can style them with anything in your wardrobe to create outfits.


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In winter, the same applies for your wardrobe - adding in a combination of dressy and casual pieces.  Starting with your color scheme and keeping in mind being able to easily mix and match everything, here is where I start:

With just 36 winter staples, you won’t need to spend any more money shopping outside of these pieces unless you choose to.  With the 36 pieces I’ve laid out in Winter 2017 Wardrobe eBook, links to shop the exact pieces and 192 outfit ideas, your entire winter season of outfits are covered.


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Below are 9 outfit ideas included throughout both Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook and Winter 2017 Wardrobe eBook.  The wardrobe pieces covered throughout can work for any age, profession or lifestyle.  With a combination of dressy and casual pieces, you’ll also have a combination of both casual and dressy outfits -- if you’re running errands, heading into the office, working from home, attending your kids functions, date night to a night out with girlfriends, these pieces are practical, affordable and stylish and work for any occasion.  These two eBooks are the start to building a functional wardrobe where you don’t have to do half the shopping you do now and be stylish for any occasion with the clothes you have!

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7 out of the 24 wardrobe basics within Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook

Wardrobe Basics

7 out of the 36 winter staples within Winter 2017 Wardrobe eBook

Winter Wardrobe Staples