How To Style Wide Leg Pants

In good news, high-waist pants flatter any figure.  While you may struggle with how to style garments to work for your figure, in this case, you don't.  It's a yes.  High-waist pants tend to hit at the most narrow part of your body and helps to create the illusion of curves.  The only thing you may struggle with next, is how to make them for your age.

Whether you're looking to run errands, grab lunch with your girlfriends, head into the office or for a night on the town; give your skinny pants a break and instead learn how to werk a pair of high-waist wide leg pants.

Below are tips on how to style wide leg pants broken down by ages.  At the bottom you'll find wide leg pants to shop!


Age: 20 - 29 | Casual


This style pant may feel too formal for you, so the goal here is to make them more fun and less "dressy."  You can do that by pairing with (1) a cropped top, (2) graphic tee, (3) basic tee.. anything simple and basic to keep it light.  In Maximizing Your Wardrobe: The Basics eBook I teach you how to dress down dressier pieces and dress up casual items.  A printed bomber jacket and pop of color through your bag also helps to complement your overall goal -- making the look fun.  Even if styled with a pair of heels, the bomber jacket, basic top and bucket bag all help to dress down the wide leg pants.

Age: 20 - 29 | Dressy

How To Style Wide Leg Pants

Keeping in line with above, this time, dress up a basic top! Hey, a tee can be just as chic as any other garment.  Allow your accessories and add on pieces assist with making a basic top appear more dressier.  In this case, a choker styled necklace, textured and added on print with the bag plus heels get the job done.  It's a perfect mix to pull off a casual yet chic look.


Age: 30 - 39 | Casual

How To Style Wide Leg Pants

Basic turned chic.  Don't allow the word, 'basic' fool you into thinking items can't be dressed to the nine's are styled in a more fabulous way.  Come fall (well, year-round), sweatshirts can easily be your throw on and go item -- hello comfy and casual, then allow your add-on pieces to elevate it from basic to chic AF.

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Age: 30 - 49 | Dressy

How To Style Wide Leg Pants

Swap out a basic top for a more daring one paired with a statement earring and layered in leather to give a edgy and sexy vibe.  Why this look works if you're in your 40s, (1) Who says you can't be sexy and give a little cleavage?  (2) You're not baring too much skin.. only cleavage and (3) Even when paired with a statement earring and printed clutch, this outfit is nothing but basics and neutral colors which help tone down your overall look to avoid feeling too trendy.  It's chic, sexy and age appropriate.


Age: 40 - 59 | Casual

How To Style Wide Leg Pants

A henley tee dressed up, wide leg pants dressed down.  How? The basic top instantly dresses down this style pant, the formal flats help to keep it polished along with the complementing accessories -- hat and satchel bag.

You can easily leave the outfit as is, henley top and pants but the accessories are what help to make your look and cater your look towards a different vibe.  In this case, casual yet put together and stylish.


Age: 50 - 69 | Dressy

How To Style Wide Leg Pants

Be on trend without being too trendy.  Why it works? Same as above, keeping a look simple and minimal help you from feeling like you're not dressed appropriately.  Even by adding on a pop of color, layering in leather and dainty necklace, it works.  If you started piling on statement pieces, more colors and different prints that's when you would risk feeling too trendy.


Age: 60 - 69 | Casual

How To Style Wide Leg Pants

Whether paired with a neutral, color or printed basic top; rely on a more formal style shoe and dressier accessories to help polish up your look.


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