How To Style Faux Fur

Faux fur is that one trend that you love but are terrified of at the same time.  You live for a basic style so in your mind, this is too much of a statement for you so you love and admire it from a distance.

Believe it or not, this statement piece doesn’t have to be so over the top like you’re picturing it to be, you can pull off styling faux fur in a more practical, wearable and put together way.


One of the best things about faux fur, outside of how stylish these pieces are but faux fur can literally be an instant fix for your look.  Just imagine putting on your typical uniform - a pair of jeans and sweater; something you’re so use to wearing the same way but within 5 seconds you can instantly transform a basic and simple look to a more chic look surrounding the pieces you normally wear the same way.


This is one garment or accessory that you can just throw on and go and instantly be chic.  For those days when you’re feeling blah about your outfit or feeling like it’s missing something – add on a little faux fur for a quick fix.


Faux fur gives you a new way to style your go-to pieces in a different way.


How To Style Faux Fur


There are definitely a few styling tricks to keep in mind to avoid looking like a fashion faux pas.


In How To: Wear Faux Fur eBook you’ll learn step-by-step how to pair your pieces and build outfits around faux fur accessories and garments; from how to avoid creating a look that overwhelms you, what colors and prints to add/not to add to your outfits and how to confidently pull off the faux fur look effortlessly.  

Throughout this eBook, you feel more comfortable adding faux fur to clothes you already have to create new outfits around pieces you normally wear the same way.


Faux fur is your 5 second instant glam style trick!


Be able to create outfits with a neutral, bold color or printed faux fur and learn how to add faux fur to both a neutral and bold outfit and still feel polished and put together!




What’s Included In This eBook?

- Step-by-step guide to building outfits including a faux fur bag, vest, stole and coat

- What pieces to add to your look to create a statement or understated look

- How to create balance and not overwhelm your look

Bonus: style guide with 24 outfit ideas styling a neutral color, printed and colored faux bag, vest, stole and coat to create both a bold and toned down look

Bonus: Access to private online shopping guide filled with over 30 different handpicked faux fur jackets, accessories and bags 


16 pages total


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What Customers Are Saying About This eBook:


"Lets just say I SLAYED ALL WINTER IT WAS THAT EASY, thank you sooo soo much again."


"I will admit I am a fan of faux fur, I love how it looks but never knew how to make it work for me.  Your guidance made it that much easier for me to try something that I always wanted to.  Thank you!"


"You make it look so easy.  This trend is a little intimidating but now I feel more confident wearing faux fur.  It's become one of my favorite pieces to add to my look when I'm in a hurry or when I'm really trying to go all out lol."


"I always seeing you wearing faux fur on your IG page and am always thinking I wish I could pull it off.  I know I wouldn't be able to without your tricks.  So thank you I love faux fur but now can actually wear it :-)"


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Is this product refundable?
Due to this product being a digital download, refunds will not be issued.

How is this product delivered?

Your eBook is emailed to you immediately after you purchase as a writable PDF file.  

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You can read on any laptop, mobile device, desktop or iPad.

Does this eBook include visuals?

Yes! You will learn how to coordinate your outfits through visuals and text.

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Nope! This eBook will work for any women that needs help coordinating and pairing their outfits.

If I live outside of the U.S. can I still purchase?

Yes, this is a digital product; it is emailed to you not shipped.