How To Wear and Mix Prints

Wearing neutral colors is something you've nailed, 9 times out of 10 that's all you wear because working in anything outside of that becomes an ongoing challenge for you.  Since your wardrobe is already filled with so many neutral pieces, little did you know, that'll make it 10 times easier to start incorporating prints into your wardrobe because you already have the pieces needed to help balance out wearing a bold print. Using your basics to pair with prints will allow you to easily add on a print and take the place of a neutral you'd normally wear.


If one of your go to outfits is a tee, jeans and a jacket; swap out one of these garments for a printed piece instead, and it's that simple!



Using your basics to warm up to styling colors, prints to different styles outside of what you normally wear can definitely feel a little overwhelming but that’s what your wardrobe basics are for.


Updating some of your favorite looks with an added print doesn’t make your outfit feel so over the top does it? Not so much.  Adding prints into your wardrobe not only helps to add versatility but it gives you more options so that you’re able to create different looks around the same pieces.


Using your basics to style prints is a chapter I cover in Maximizing Your Wardrobe: The Basics eBook.  If you’re not ready to commit to wearing more than one print and just want to “test it out” this eBook will teach you different ways to add prints to your look and how to style your outfits with the help of your wardrobe basics.


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If you’re already trying the basics + print outfit combo and are ready to set it up a notch and learn more creative ways to style and mix prints so you’re able to easily coordinate your outfits without always having to second guess what you’re wearing; in How To: Wear & Mix Prints eBook you’ll learn the different ways to:


Style Prints


Mix Prints


Accessorize Prints


The key with wearing and mixing prints is creating balance.  This eBook visually shows you how to build out your outfits, how to decide which garments, shoes to accessories to add to your look, how to select the color and/or print to add to your look to how make sure you’re creating outfits that are still polished, stylish and put together.


From wearing prints into the office, a day of errands, family outings to date night; you’ll be able to update some of your go to outfits and feel more confident stepping out of your style comfort zone and wearing prints.


Some of the prints you'll learn how to style and mix:

How To Wear Prints
How To Wear Prints

What’s Included In This eBook?

-8 styling tricks to wearing, mixing and accessorizing prints

- How to create a statement or understated look surrounding prints

- How to transition your prints through different outfits and seasons

- Outfit ideas for different occasions

- Access to private online shopping guide

- Bonus: in a separate What To Wear Guide you'll learn how to style prints for 21 different occasions with outfit ideas for both spring/summer and fall/winter -

21 occasions covered:

Day of shopping, Casual night out, Running errands, Brunch, Happy hour, Girls night out, Date night, Work, Networking event, Cocktail event, Job interview, Church, Airport, Wedding, Wedding rehearsal, Baby shower, Cookout, Concert, Movies, Holiday dinner, Meeting the parents and movies.

60 pages total


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What Customers Are Saying About This eBook?


"I luuvvvv prints.  Great book!! Very informative.  Your tips make all the difference when putting my outfits together.  Life is so less complicated when it's time to get dressed.  Keep them coming!"

"I have always loved prints, but I was not sure how and what prints to wear.  When the Prints ebook was available, it was a must have for me.  I know after purchasing the ebook, I would be able to pull off prints.  I have purchased several ebooks and I have NOT been disappointed with the information or the layouts of the ebooks......Ashleigh knows her stuff!!!!"

"I like wearing prints in my outfit, but sometimes combining colors and accessories with a printed garment can be tricky.  This e-book made me more confident in putting them together!"

"This book truly helped me to put prints together and not be afraid to mix prints with a popping color.  For example, today I wore a polka dot button down shirt, blue capri flare pants, a pastel yellow shoe, and a pastel yellow clutch.  Not only did I gain knowledge of prints, but unconscious knowledge of color blocking."

"This has helped me to be more confident with bold colors and prints.  People have been complimenting me on my new confidence.  It has helped me to match my wardrobe to my personality!"

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Yes! You will learn how to coordinate your outfits through visuals and text.

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Nope! This eBook will work for any women that needs help coordinating and pairing their outfits.

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