Complementary Color Pairing Guide

The key to styling colors is to create balance within your look with your basics.  Your basics help to break up a bold look and make it feel less overwhelming and more wearable.  Your basics are not only the foundation pieces of your wardrobe but they also help to make it 10 times easier when it comes to incorporating different colors, styles to prints into your wardrobe.  To avoid creating a look that's too loud or overwhelming for you, rely on your wardrobe basics.

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Here is an easy guide to follow when you want to update your look with complementary colors.  The same applies for the softer pastel shades, for example, pastel yellow, follow the same guide for yellow.

Complementary Color Pairing

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Quick Tips on Styling Complementary Colors:

Complementary Color Pairing

Pairing two colored garments suddenly seems chic and wearable vs over the top and too standout.  This is a super chic outfit that you can wear in and out of the office.  Yes, even when wearing colors you can still feel polished and put together.

Complementary Color Pairing

Outside of your three colors, to make sure your look still feels polished: (1) Avoid adding on any additional colors or prints, (2) Avoid any additional distracting pieces.  Allow the three colors to be the focus with a wardrobe basic to break up the color-on-color play.

Complementary Color Pairing

Build your look around your basics. and complete it with complementary colored pieces.


As you're experimenting with different outfit combinations; just remember, when in doubt - pair with a basic to help break it up!


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Ashleigh Hutchinson