6 Outfits To Wear To Work In Winter

Do you feel like you need to have two separate wardrobes? One for work and one for outside of work?


It's easy to feel this way when you don't know how to fill your wardrobe with pieces that'll work on and off the clock or the pieces that'll make it easier to mix and match your items to create a combination of both casual and dressy outfits around the same pieces.  You don't need two separate wardrobes, lets make that clear.  There is no reason to be spending so much money on clothes to only wear for certain occasions; this is an expensive approach to take when it comes to building your wardrobe and will only lead to wasted money and again limiting your pieces to certain occasions or events.

If your work uniform consists of blouses and slacks, these pieces can be just as stylish in AND out of the office.  If you work in a casual environment, you can still dress up your casual garments and make them more polished for a formal or dressier event.

You can save yourself thousands of dollars each year by investing in key pieces that your can style with each other over and over again to create different outfits - both casual and dressy.

In my eBook, Winter 2017 Wardrobe I've selected 36 different pieces - garments, shoes and accessories, that'll give you 192 different casual and dressy outfit ideas for the entire season.  Having a mixture of different items will make it easier for you to create outfits that are more suiting for work then those that'll work for a night out, but they're the same pieces - just different accessories, shoes and/or garments paired with the look.  So, you don't need two separate wardrobes or a ton of pieces to create stylish looks; you just need the right pieces and then mix and match them to create new outfit after new outfit.  No matter if you're heading into work, catching a drink with a girlfriend, date night to spending the day with your kids; there are 192 outfit ideas for the entire winter season that'll have you covered for every occasion.



Save yourself the time from constantly shopping, stop wasting money on pieces that you think can only work for certain events and instead invest in building a multi-functional wardrobe that'll crossover from work to play.  Surprisingly, you'll end up with more options and more outfits without spending a ton of money.

Below are 6 out of the 192 outfits included in Winter 2017 Wardrobe eBook.  While these 6 outfits are great ideas to wear to work, you can also wear them outside of work and still feel just as stylish and not stiff or boring.  These 36 pieces give you the flexibility to create the looks that you want around a select few pieces.

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6 Outfits To Wear To Work In Winter

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