How To Dress For Your Age

I, in no way, think you can’t be fashionable just because you hit a certain age, if anything you just have more of a reason to be fab!


You don’t need to confine yourself to certain colors, styles to fits just because you’re a certain age.


It doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with trends because you feel it’s too “young” for you or you don’t want to feel too trendy.


Fashion doesn’t provide limitations.  Instead of ruling out different styles, you just have to learn how to style them so that it works for you.


I often get from my clients, “I love leopard print but it’s too young for me,” so they don’t wear it.  You can most certainly incorporate different prints to colors into your wardrobe no matter what your age is.


While how someone is their 20’s would probably wear it differently than someone in their 40’s, you can still wear it.  A different styling approach is the only thing to take into consideration.   


For example, someone in their 20’s may wear a leopard print dress like:

How To Dress In Your 20'S


While someone in their 50’s would tone it down and polish up their look to style it differently and to feel appropriate for their age

How To Dress over 40



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