Fall and Winter Trend: Color Boots

This is one trend that I am SOOO excited about! Colors, colors and more colors!! I have pumps in every single color and now you better believe I'm stocking up on boots in every single color as well.  

I've been waiting for a season when the fashion Gods would bless us with this trend.  The shoe freak in me right now is living!

This trend can seem a little intimidating especially if you're not use to wearing colors - but when there's a fashion will, there's a way! An easy way to pull off this bold trend is to rely on your wardrobe basics, this is a quick and easy way to tone down a bold statement.  I list out the 24 different wardrobe basics in Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBooks, here.



What I'm Wearing:

BAUBLE BAR statement earrings


ALDO boots

Outfit + Belt (not recent)