15 Pieces Under $150 That Will Transform Your Wardrobe

I use to have a very loud style a few years ago, I was all about mixing the boldest prints, loudest colors and it worked, that was my style but I often found it difficult to create more outfits around the pieces I owned.  This always lead to me spending more money for new pieces.

It wasn't until I realized my bank account could no longer handle my shopping expense, that I had to buckle down and think of a more practical and affordable way to stay stylish without having to resort to wearing the same outfits or burning a hole in my pockets.

It all started making sense once I invested in a few key basics that allowed me to mix and match my favorite pieces with each other and avoid wearing the same outfits and spending a lot of money.

Your wardrobe only needs a few basic pieces to make your life easier and more fashionable.

The complete list of 24 basics you need can be found: here.



Learn How To Create Over 100 Outfits With Your Basics!

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Create Over 100 Outfits With Your Wardrobe Basics!

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