How To Get Dressed Quickly

Imagine being able to face your wardrobe each day, easily put together your look and get your day started.  That would be amazing you’re thinking but instead, this sounds more like your daily morning routine:

How To Get Dressed Quickly


You didn’t think about your outfit the night before, you’re scrambling to put something together so you don’t run late so you just grab something -- maybe it’s the first thing you see or something you always grab for, you pair it with another item and that doesn’t work for you, so you’re back in front of your closet starting to panic a little on what to put on.  You grab another item just to realize you don’t like how it fits on you so that item goes back into the closet.  The clock is ticking and you’re now at the point where fixing yourself a nice healthy breakfast is out the door -- so you just completely scratch the entire look and go with what you always wear.


You’re already stressed and your day is just beginning.  You don’t like the outfit you’re wearing but by now, you’re use to that.


Does this sound like your life every time you have to get dressed?


I know our busy lives can get in the way of taking care of things that’ll make it easier for us to look more fashionable and feel more confident about what we’re wearing and the start of this is knowing what you have in your closet.  If your wardrobe is all over the place with clothes everywhere, that already is a headache on it’s own.  


Step one for you is organizing your closet.  

Grab my free guide Organizing Your Closet: here.  I promise you’ll thank yourself later.  A little closet organization will go a long way.  Carrie Bradshaw said it best, “I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet.”


Step two is cleansing your wardrobe.  

What’s the point of taking up space on pieces you no longer need or fit you? Cleansing your wardrobe is apart of my recommended three steps to take before building a wardrobe as shared in my Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook.


Step three is getting back to the basics.  

Why have a closet full of clothes if you can’t match any of your pieces? You’re stuck with a one-time wear or buying to never wear because you don’t have anything to coordinate with it.  If getting dressed feels more like a chore and anxiety ensues each time you walk into your closet, then your life will change for the better by updating your wardrobe with the basic pieces.


With your basics, you’ll be able to grab any item each morning (even if you didn’t pick out your outfit the night before) and easily pair it with other items in your wardrobe.  Not only will you have more options but you can pair your basic pieces with everything you own! No more doubting if it’ll pair together or what to style with your outfits - pick out an item, pair with another item (or basic) and complete your look.  


Having a group of pieces that you can pair with anything will speed up your getting dressed time and give you more outfits with the clothes you have.  I share 24 different basics with a breakdown of their styles, colors, fits to lengths with over 100 different outfit ideas both casual and dressy to make your life less stressful when it comes to getting dressed each morning.


This eBook has saved so many fashionable lives and allowed thousands of women to start feeling more confident without struggling to put together outfits or always spending money to give them more outfit options.


As much as you’d like to take your time with picking out your looks, reality is your don’t have that much time - you need to be able to get dressed quickly and be on your way.  When you have the basics that you can pair with all the items you love to wear, you’ll be able to get dressed within 5 minutes and start your day feeling and looking good!

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24 Basics That Will Transform Your Wardrobe!

Make getting dressed fun…