21 Places To Wear Prints + Outfit Ideas


Does this sound like you:

I don't wear prints because they're too loud?

I don't know how to style them?

Or, I don't know how to repeat the same pieces without it being the same outfit?

Yes, prints have the reputation of being loud and over the top, but that's not the only way to style them.  Even the boldest prints can be toned down and be just as stylish and polished as any other outfit.

Why limit your style to certain colors or prints because you either don't know how to make them work for you or you "think" they doesn't work for your age?!

Lies, lies and more lies!


How To Pull Off Prints

The key to making prints work for you is creating balance.  Balance? Yes.

This is key to make your outfit feel less overwhelming and more wearable.  I mean, you don't want to be decked out in head-to-toe prints, right?

Creating balance with an item or set of items will make you feel more confident when styling prints.


The Different Ways to Style Prints

If you're looking to style a garment, shoe, accessory or mixture of both and still achieve a balance and put together look, you'll have 8 different ways to add and mix your prints together.

How To Wear and Mix Prints

The prints you'll learn how to style and mix:

Wearing and Mixing Prints


Styling Prints for Different Occasions

As if struggling to pick out your outfit isn't hard enough, it's even harder trying to figure out what to wear for different events without resorting to the same outfits.

I've created a separate What To Wear Guide with 21 events and occasions with 42 outfit ideas that'll work in spring/summer and fall/winter all surrounding prints.

So, yes you'll finally be able to feel more comfortable styling prints and know exactly how to wear your outfits so they're not the same each time.

How To Wear and Mix Prints


21 occasions covered:

Day of shopping, Casual night out, Running errands, Brunch, Happy hour, Girls night out, Date night, Work, Networking event, Cocktail event, Job interview, Church, Airport, Wedding, Wedding rehearsal, Baby shower, Cookout, Concert, Movies, Holiday dinner, Meeting the parents and movies.