How To Make A Sweatshirt Stylish

Where casual meets chic.


When you try to put together a look surrounding something basic, you feel:


- Thrown together and sloppy; basic pieces just don't work for you.  Anytime you wear them, they just feel super basic and you have no clue on how to feel more put together in casual pieces.


- Confused; you see so many others pulling off the most basic styles but anytime you attempt to do the same, you fall flat each time.


- Or, you think casual pieces are just meant to be those last minute idea, throw on pieces when you're in a rush.  So you don't put much effort in trying to look stylish and put together.



Ladies, casual pieces can be just as stylish and fab as those dressier pieces.



Styling Sweatshirts


Imagine being able to get away with wearing a sweatshirt at work, for brunch with girlfriends or date night and look stylish and super chic.  You'll have to do a double take and think, "Wow, I love my look and I'm in a freakin' sweatshirt!"


With a step-by-step guide on how to put your outfits together and coordinate your pieces, a shopping guide to add in more stylish sweatshirts and over 50 outfit ideas on how to wear a sweatshirt during the day, work and night out; you'll never look at a basic sweatshirt as a basic ever again, and instead a chic wardrobe go-to.


This guide will show you how to take #sweatshirtchic to another level!

Be more creative with the clothes you have.


Be able to confidently pull off a casual style in the most basic garment and feel put together and stylish!

And if you're thinking you need to be in a pair of heels or decked out in jewelry to make it happen - think again!

With over 50 outfit ideas styling a sweatshirt in casual and dressy ways, you'll find yourself reaching for a sweatshirt more often when picking out your outfit.

Comfy, Casual and Chic? Ummm... yes please!


How To Wear Sweatshirts

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What's Included:

- 11 paged eBook

- 7 paged outfit guide with 54 casual and dressy outfit ideas surrounding sweatshirts that can be worn during the day, work and a night out

- Access to private online sweatshirt shopping guide


What People Are Saying:


"Sweatshirts?! Forreal?! Foreal! Ashleigh takes awesomeness to another level and makes the common sweatshirt a glittering star!! You will never look at a sweatshirt the same way again!"


"This was the second book I purchased and it didn't fail me! I wanted to be able to find a happy medium between comfy and stylish.  This book outlines how to dress up and dress down sweatshirts.  Before this book I had no idea on how to but after reading it I'm a pro!"


"Ok so the fact that Ashleigh made an eBook about styling a sweatshirt is awesome sauce right?! How could you not be intrigued by that alone? I must admit that I was like most people who only wear a sweatshirt when lounging around the house, or on those days when you don't feel like getting dressed up.  However, that was until I read this eBook.  Now I look at my sweatshirts totally different.  I can pair my sweatshirts with different pieces and still have a very polished look.  I feel more confident about wearing sweatshirts more often because of this eBook.  I recommend this eBook because it will allow you to expand and/or add some versatility to your style and wardrobe."


"I loved this book.  This was my second purchase.  The pictures and instructions were very easy to follow.  I felt like I had my own personal stylish at home with me.  This book really provided great detail on how to switch my look quickly and effortlessly.  I feel much more confident now that I have read this book!"


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Is this product refundable?
Due to this product being a digital download, refunds will not be issued.

How is this product delivered?

Your eBook is emailed to you immediately after you purchase as a writable PDF file.  

How can I read this eBook?

You can read on any laptop, mobile device, desktop or iPad.

Does this eBook include visuals?

Yes! You will learn how to coordinate your outfits through visuals and text.

Do you have to be a certain age or body shape for this eBook?

Nope! This eBook will work for any women that needs help coordinating and pairing their outfits.

If I live outside of the U.S. can I still purchase?

Yes, this is a digital product; it is emailed to you not shipped.