6 Days Of Outfits - Age 40's

Getting dressed every day may be a daily struggle for you; from deciding what to wear, what to pair with it to feeling you don't have enough clothes to pull off the look you want.  It doesn't matter how many clothes you have because you can have a lot to choose from but still only wear a few pieces and the same outfits.  Instead it's about learning how to work with the pieces you have to create the outfits that you want.  No matter how small or large your selection is, if you have a few pieces that can easily pair with everything you own you'll be able to quickly pick out your outfit each day.  No need to stress about if this piece works with that piece or if it's a match because it'll work.

The key to having a wardrobe with many outfits where you can easily mix and match your wardrobe is organization so you know what you actually have and knowing that you have the pieces that you can style with any outfit.

Shopping for new clothes should be a choice, not because you feel like you have nothing to wear.  Chances are when you go this route, you usually wind up with a one-time wear, struggle to restyle the items and then they just sit until you can spend more money for new pieces that you can coordinate with it.  It's a never ending cycle.  Even with constant spending you'll still find it hard to pick out your outfits without struggling.

I wasn't always the brightest when it came to shopping or building a functional wardrobe.  Adding in whatever I wanted without putting thought into it always lead to a bunch of random pieces and struggling to create outfits with the clothes I have without spending more money.  Investing in a few basic pieces literally changed my life.. and my wardrobe! Not only was I able  to create more outfits around clothes that have been sitting pretty in my closet but I no longer had to spend unnecessary money to love the clothes I was in.

When I first started rebuilding my wardrobe a few years ago, I thought I needed to stick to just black and white pieces and the typical black skirt and black pants but then realized by experimenting with different neutral shades and styles created even more outfit options for me.  You suddenly go from feeling like you have nothing to wear to a closet full of options.

Your basics are the core pieces of your wardrobe, you need these pieces to build your outfits and wear them over and over again to create different looks.  Because they can work year-round and they'll never be out of style, they'll save you a lot of money from wasting on clothes you only wear once and time spent searching around for those "perfect pairing."

In Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook, I breakdown 24 basics (clothes, shoes and accessories), help you to narrow down the styles that work best for you to showing you how to use your wardrobe basics to create outfits around every item you own.  Plus, I lay out 140 different outfit ideas surrounding your basics. 

These 6 outfits are a preview of the different outfit ideas in the 40-49 age guide.  Just because these are basic pieces doesn't mean you can't be stylish and well dressed no matter the occasion.  Your basics are just as stylish as any other garment!

7 Days Of Outfits

Find out my recommended 24 pieces and watch your style and wardrobe transform.  

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