How To Avoid A One-Time Wear


Sure we're all guilty of those impulsive purchases from time to time but making a habit out of this isn't keeping you anymore stylish because you're either struggling to wear it or haven't worn it yet and it's burning a hole in your pockets.

Be sure to keep these questions in mind next time you're thinking of swiping that card or hitting add to cart!



What's Your Reason For Buying?

Are you buying this for an upcoming party? Thinking you finally found that perfect match for something you own? Or, do you even have a reason? If you're buying for a special event, then ask yourself: "Will you be able to wear this again?" If buying as a perfect match, what makes you think after you pair that outfit together you won't struggle to wear it again?

Sale Item?

Sales are super tempting but if the lower price is the ONLY reason you're buying, you might want to think long and hard if it's even worth it.  Just because it's on sale doesn't mean you'll even get around to wearing it.

Do You Have A Need For It?

Are you filling a wardrobe gap? 

Does It Fit Right?

There's no point in spending money on an item that doesn't flatter your figure.  Don't force yourself into something just because you think it's cute or it's a good deal.  You want to feel confident in what you're in!

Package Deal?

Don't feel pressured into into those Buy 2, Get the 3rd free if you're not feeling an item.  We all love a deal but it's not worth it if you're not going to wear it.

5 Item Rule Of Thumb

If you're unable to pair with at least 5 pieces you own (and 5 is a low number) then don't even think about it! 

Is It Something You Would Wear?

Just because you saw the item on someone else doesn't mean you'll love it on you or it'll look the same way.

Places To Go?

There's no point in buying that cute sequin dress if you have no place to wear it to.  Admire it but let it go!

Upkeep Too High Maintenance?

Do you have to worry about dry cleaning, air drying, steaming every time you want to wear it or clean it? If yes, does your schedule have time to cater to this where you won't just leave this item sitting in the laundry room until you get around to it?

Long-Term Relationship?

Is this an item that's trending for the moment? Or will you still have love for it months from now, years from now?

Lifestyle Needs

Does it work for your day-to-day?

 Limited Wear?

If it's an item that you know you'll only be able to wear for certain occasions or events, is it worth it? If yes, is it worth the price tag?



A one-time wear is completely avoidable when you keep these questions in mind vs spending and asking yourself them afterwards.

And if you're guilty of having one-time wears sitting in your closet, it isn't too late to wear them again! That's what your trusted wardrobe basics are for!

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