How To Build Your Dream Wardrobe On A Budget

When you hear, “building a wardrobe,” it’s easy to assume this is costly and it’ll require coughing up a lot of money to make happen.  Which is why you may be avoiding it altogether.


Did you know by not taking the time to invest in your basics it’s only costing you more money?

How To Build A Wardrobe

Let’s put it this way, anytime you need something new for an upcoming event or want to create a different outfit around something you own, you end up spending money on something that’ll be that perfect match for that item you’re looking to style or shopping for one complete look for your event or occasion.


Taking this approach is what’ll end up costing you a ton money vs investing in building a solid and functional wardrobe.


Minimizing Your Options


Spending money every time you need options then leads to one-time wears and you struggling to mix and match your new purchases with pieces you already have.  At the end of the day, you wind up with a ton of clothes in your wardrobe but only able to wear the same pieces you always rely on, the same way.


You’re spending money just to have your clothes sit and go unworn.


This cycle is hard to avoid when your wardrobe lacks the basics.


Back To The Basics


Apart of building your wardrobe is laying the foundation of it; which is your basics.  You can have a wardrobe filled with clothes but if it lacks those pieces that’ll allow you to easily mix and match your items you’ll find yourself stuck wearing the same pieces, same outfits and always having to spend money whenever you need a new outfit.


With your basics, you’re able to have a set of pieces that can work for any occasion, season, year after year.  You end up saving money by investing in pieces that you don’t need to replace and that’ll help you to get more wear out of your clothes and any new items you add in.


Myths About Building


Surprisingly, investing in your basics isn’t one huge expense.  Just think about those boots you’ve spent a couple hundred on, that $50 sweater, those $60 pants you’ve bought -- this alone is around $300.  But that sweater and those pants you’ll struggle to get more wear out of them, so they’ll sit until you spend more money on items that’ll be the perfect match for it.  


You can have majority of your basics in place with this amount.


So, before you continue to spend your money on items you’ll probably end up struggling to restyle or shopping per occasion, consider investing in your basics first so you’re able to just head into your wardrobe and create a new look surrounding pieces you already have.


Building A Wardrobe: The Basics


Before you rush off trying to add in what you feel is basic, you first need to understand what your wardrobe needs and if it makes sense for you.  The last thing you want to do is start investing in button up shirts just because you think they’re a classic staple but you don’t have use for them or know how to style them so that they can work for you.


You need to understand the styles that’ll work for you so you know every dollar spent is not going to waste.


I’ve created an eBook that takes you through this 3-step Q&A process to help sort out what you need, matches your style and works for your age with a style guide of 24 basics to help you narrow down which pieces work best for you.


You don’t need to break the bank to pull off looking good!


Build & Maximize


If you know your wardrobe lacks it’s basics, lets get back to the basics.  Click below to grab the eBook so you can start building your dream wardrobe:


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