How To Style Jeans And Tshirt

Who doesn't love a basic tee and jeans outfit? This is probably one of the easiest outfits to throw together and maybe why so many resort to it.  

The outfit combinations are endless with a tee and jeans, why? Because these are wardrobe basics, the pieces you can style with any and everything and it'll be a match.  They'll work with anything in your wardrobe, year-round so you're able to create new outfits around the same pieces - without having to spend money on new clothes.

In Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook, I cover the 24 different basics that can work with any outfit, style and body type.

You don’t need a million pieces to be fashionable, you just need to have the right pieces.  As I mentioned, your outfit options become endless with your wardrobe basics, in this eBook I also lay out 140 different outfit ideas around your basics plus you'll learn how to use your basics to create outfits around everything in your wardrobe.

Even with these two casual garments, you can still create stylish and polished outfits by learning how to dress up and dress your garments.  A tee and jeans can be just as stylish as any other outfit.


Here are 11 ways to update your basic jeans and tee outfit combo:


11 Ways To Update A Tee and Jeans Outfit
11 Ways To Update A Tee and Jeans Outfit
11 Ways To Update A Tee and Jeans Outfit