How To Style A Vest

Majority of the time, when people hear the word "vest" they automatically feel it's not their style.  And that may be the case, or it may be that you’re unsure on how to style a vest in a way that suits your personality.  In my opinion, a vest is a timeless piece, it can work for any occasion, its a year-round basic and totally affordable.


Personally, I own a tailored vest in all of my favorite neutral colors because I heavily rely on them for those times when I need to dress up a basic or casual look, and I'm all about basic and casual looks.  With the help of a simple layer, I can easily elevate my look from casual to polished.


It’s 10 times easier to put an outfit together when you have a functional closet filled with pieces that you can easily mix and match.  Instead of wasting time changing in and out of different outfits, you’ll know what items you can add to any outfit to help dress it up or dress it down.


So for the many times you’ve changed in and out of outfits only to settle on an outfit you usually always wear - this is totally avoidable.  And for the many times you didn’t buy something because it was “too dressy,” there are different ways you can dress it down.   Your wardrobe basics are the pieces you need in your closet to make this happen.

How To Style A Vest


The wardrobe basics that I cover in my eBook, Build + Maximize Your Wardrobe, breaks down 24 wardrobe basics that can be styled with anything and how to use your basics to add a dressy or casual element to it.


You can can wear what you want when you want!


Allow your wardrobe basics help you with creating different outfits around the same pieces and give you more outfit options by helping you dress them up and dress them down.


A casual and tailored vest is one of the 24 wardrobe basics covered within this eBook.  Having a combination of dressy and casual garments helps you to pull off different outfits that can work for different occasions without always having to spend money on new items.


Below are three outfit ideas transitioning a vest from day, work to a night out.  Get rid of those “dressy” and “casual” labels and watch how many more outfit options you have.


How To Style A Vest


Sometimes you just want to be super casual, don't really care to put too much thought into your "running errands" outfits and I get it.  You have things to do and you want to be comfortable.  Try updating your typical tee plus jeans combo with a tailored vest and your look instantly turns from thrown together to chic.  Of course, your complementing pieces also play a role in this.  In Build + Maximize Your Wardrobe eBook I also breakdown the different style bags you can add to your look to make it feel more polished or casual.  This entire look surrounds three wardrobe basics - a vest, tee and jeans.  With the mix of prints and colored bag adding personality to your look.  A print, vest, and colored bag make a simple look stand out.



How To Style A Vest


Lets transition your day look to a day in the office.  A tee can absolutely be appropriate for work, your job is to dress it up and a tailored vest paired with tailored pants helps to do just that.  You can leave this look as is, or you have the option to add on an accessory to dress up your look even more.  This entire look is a built around wardrobe basics.


If you need help updating your jewelry collection with statement to dainty pieces checkout my blog post: Jewelry That Can Be Styled With Everything



How To Style A Vest


A tee and tailored vest combo from day, work, to a night out.  A tailored vest turned edgy, who would've thought that was even a possibility? Anything is possible when you know how to use your basics to help dress up and down any look.


A sexy skirt, heel, statement earrings and a printed clutch have made a tee and tailored vest look super stylish!


Every wardrobe needs a few printed pieces.  If you’re looking for a leopard clutch to add to your collection, checkout my affordable go-to leopard clutch: here.  Or, if you need help adding prints into your wardrobe checkout my eBook, Building A Wardrobe: Winter Basics.


Once you stop placing labels on your garments and take the time to invest in your wardrobe basics, your outfit options become endless!


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