How To Turn A One Time Wear Into Multiple Outfits


How often do you find yourself buying something because you have the perfect item that will go with it?

It’s like you just stumbled across a pot filled with gold, the excitement running through your head because you finally found an item or garment to go with something you have been struggling to wear in your wardrobe. YAYYY!! *happy dance*

You purchase this item, wear that outfit, and you couldn’t be any more happier.  Life is good.

Fast forward, days or weeks later and you’re looking to wear that item or garment again that you purchased, but you can’t seem to find anything within your wardrobe that will work with it.  You struggle trying to find something else, and don’t.  So, you end up leaving that item or garment sitting until you come across another item to purchase that will pair perfectly with it.


Let’s say you do find another item, you buy it and there you go.. You have your second outfit.  What’s next? You struggle to wear it again and tuck it away until you find a third item to pair with it.  It’s a cycle that you will continue to repeat each time you want to wear this item or garment that you purchased.

Purchasing with a one-time wear mentality will only lead you down a road of wasted money, wasted time, and a wardrobe filled with a bunch of random items that you will continue to struggle and restyle with other pieces in your wardrobe.  You end up with closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.  You’re shopping for one item that you can pair perfectly with another outfit.  You’re shopping for complete outfits, and not thinking of your wardrobe as whole.

By taking this approach and not being strategic with how you spend and what items to add within your wardrobe, how can you ever expect to get the most out of your wardrobe without always having to spend money?

You won’t.

You will always find yourself spending money to create “new” outfits around your clothes.

It’s perfectly fine to go shopping for new items, and have a specific outfit idea in mind off the top of your head, but why buy something if you know you won’t be able to restyle it again and again? Why waste your money?

I would never recommend buying for a one-time wear, unless the occasion calls for it.  Shopping to add in new options is not the only way to create more outfits.

Why spend your hard-earned money on an item that you may not be able to style or coordinate with other items in your wardrobe? While many run into this issue, it’s not possible when you have taken the time to lay the foundation of your wardrobe correctly. That's because your basics automatically give you options to create more outfits around that one-wear item... and everything else in your closet.

Not only is this approach smarter, but it’s less expensive!

Just think about having to go shopping every time something pops up in your life - an event, occasion, or vacation.  Having to spend money each time to create an outfit, that adds up after while.


Now think if you have taken the time to invest in your basics vs filling it with random items, whenever something pops up, you are always outfit ready.  No need to spend any money, or go shopping, you’ll be able to shop from within your wardrobe.


I can tell you from experience, building a wardrobe will cost you less in the long-run.  You may think it doesn’t since you’re only adding in a few pieces, but these are the pieces you can easily match and coordinate with every single item you own.

Invest in your basics and be able to style your clothes differently or continue to shop anytime you need something new?

Build once? Or continue to shop and spend? You do the math.  


You will be able to turn those one-time wears into multiple wears, with the help of your basics.


I show you the 24 pieces you can pair with everything in your closet and how to use these 24 pieces to turn your one-time wears into more outfits in Build + Maximize Your Wardrobe eBook.


One-time wears are non-existent with the help of your wardrobe basics.

Steps to turning one-time wears into multiple outfits:


#1: Lay the foundation of your wardrobe with your basics

#2: Go through your wardrobe and locate all of those items that you can’t seem to restyle, bring them out and write them down.

#3: Learn how your wardrobe basics role extends far beyond garments + how to turn these one-timers into multiple wears.

#4: Begin creating new outfits!


Cut your spending in half.  Create more outfits with what you have.. all with the help of your basics.


By taking the time to invest in your basics, you are creating a wardrobe that will prepare you for anything. You won’t need to constantly shop to add in more options, or feel as though you never have a complete outfit to wear. Instead, you can coordinate your basics with any garment or item. It's like a whole new wardrobe just opened up!