How To Move Out Of Your Style Comfort Zone


Do you ever find yourself saying:

“OMG! I love her outfit, I wish I could pull that off!”

“Why is it so hard for me to create those kind of outfits?”

“They make it look so easy..”


Does this sound like you?


How often do you find yourself oohing and ahhing over someone else's styles in complete style envy wishing you could emulate a similar look?


How often do you talk yourself out of incorporating something different into your wardrobe or look? Those colored shoes, floral bomber jacket, printed scarf, black/white striped pants, that pastel pink dress.. You love them, but don’t know how to style them.


So what do you find yourself doing: continuing to wear the same type of outfits you always do and sticking to what you know.


This beats having to struggle with trying to style it, let alone restyling it. Who wants to deal with this?


Our comfort zone, in some ways, is our happy place.  We don’t have to be bothered with these struggles that we’re not familiar with, overwhelmed by the lack of direction in styling pieces, and you have the outfits that you know you can style that are easy for you and keeps you from having to deal with these issues.


You continue to admire other’s style and continue wishing you could find the courage to do it yourself.  9 times out of 10, you won’t.


While our comfort zones are a safe place, at times, they can get in your way of truly shining.  Lets think: how happy are you with wearing the same type of outfits all the time? You know these outfits are not a true reflection of your style, but it’s easiest for you.


Are you allowing your comfort zone to get in your way?

Do you enjoy wearing the same type of outfits over and over again?

Are you happy with your style?


If you answered no to either questions, chances are you are getting in your own way.


When it comes to fashion, we all have a comfort zone, or styles that we feel best fit or suit us.  Your tried and true styles that you can always rely on to make you feel good.  Whether that is bold patterned garments, pants and a button up, or jeans and a tee, as long as this style is a true representation of yourself, then it's all good.

However, when your comfort zone begins to keep you from trying new things, or styles, and is preventing you from fully expressing yourself is when it becomes an issue.  If you often find yourself saying, "I wish I could pull that off.." or "I want to try this, but.." you're allowing your comfort zone to get in the way and stick to a style that you may not be happy with it.

The first step to having a great style is trying out new things.  You will never know what will work for you until you try it out.  Have you ever just went into a store and tried on different things and walked out of the store with nothing? If you haven't, do it! Try on different styles, colors, and fits to see what other items and garments you may like that you're overlooking.

Instead of saying, "I don't wear colors they're too bold," "I don't wear prints because I don't know how to," "I only wear jeans and a top because I don't know what else works for me," "I don't wear shorts because they ride up," work on being more open to the thought of incorporating new styles.

Don't allow your comfort zone dictate what you can and can not wear.


How to get over this and being self-conscious:

1. Create a list of styles that you want to try; whether this is different garments, items, colors, prints to fits.

2. List out the reasons why you avoid them.  Do you avoid wearing shorts because they're too short? Do you avoid wearing prints because they're too overwhelming? Do you avoid wearing rompers because you don't know how to style or restyle them?

3. Create the solution.  Let's say you avoid wearing shorts because they're too short, think about your options.  You can select a longer style, a style that is not fitted, a tailored style.  You always have options.  If you avoid wearing prints, start small and begin working them into your wardrobe with smaller items; such as, an accessory.  Or start with neutral prints.

4. Building your confidence.  Once you're able to identify the what and why slowly begin working these items into your wardrobe, and remember, you can always start by hitting the mall to try on the items before you invest and begin adding them to your wardrobe.

Eventually, these pieces that you steer clear of, will soon feel like a natural fit for you, and have you questioning yourself like: "Why am I just now trying this out!"


Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone

It's easier said than done, right? How can you begin working in the styles or items that you love yet aren’t sure on how to style them?


Your anxiety of stepping outside of your comfort zone can stem from the unknown and also because you aren’t clear on your personal style and how to style items so that they suit you.


The fear of not knowing is what keeps you inside of your comfort zone.


However, if you’re not having fun with fashion, you are going about it in all the wrong ways! Fashion is all about experimenting, trying new styles, colors, to prints while still keeping true to your personal style aesthetic.


Having a defined style gives you the confidence to experiment, knowing that whatever you put on, you can style it so that it reflects you.  Once you’re clear on this, you will have a lot more clarity on how to build and style your looks.


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Once this part is out of the way, your life gets a lot easier..


There are certain pieces within your wardrobe that can help warm you up to trying out new styles, colors, and prints.  These pieces will help to NOT overwhelm your look and create a sense of balance while working new styles into your wardrobe.  They will take your stress level from 100 to 0, these pieces help to make it easier as you transition out of your comfort zone.


These pieces are your wardrobe basics.


For the styles you have been wanting to try and can’t seem to figure out how to style them, rely on your wardrobe basics.


I bet you never imagined that your wardrobe basics could play such a major role within your wardrobe.  Underestimating the value of your basics, leads to a wardrobe that does not work for you!


Ok, so you know you need to start with your wardrobe basics, but how do you use them to start styling these items you have been dying to wear?


Step-by-step, I show you how to build outfits, item by item, so you can see the breakdown of assessing how and what to add to your look so that this new style does not overwhelm you.  In two separate chapters, we will cover how to use your wardrobe basics to work colors and prints into your wardrobe.  If styling colors and prints overwhelm you, with the help of your basics, they no longer will.  I simplify that process for you in Maximizing Your Wardrobe: The Basics eBook.


While your life may seem easier by sticking to your tried and true, how happy does that make you feel? While stepping outside of your comfort zone may seem impossible for you to do, having your wardrobe basics by your side (well, within your wardrobe), will help to make the transition an easier one.  Nothing great comes from within your comfort zone, right? Use your basics as guidance to channeling your inner fashionista that you have tucked away.  Life is about to get much easier for you and getting dressed is about to be more enjoyable for you!