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Shopping is not how you create more options within your wardrobe, learning how to mix and match your pieces is.


Why resort to the same outfits, constant spending or a style you don’t like when you have a wardrobe filled with clothes?

You don’t have “nothing to wear,” you have plenty.

Learn how to update those pieces you have tucked away in a more stylish way.

Let’s take a walk on the monochromatic side…

Does this sound like you?

 You lack creativity when putting together an outfit

Those effortless and stylish outfits that are suppose to be easy to throw together on, are a headache

Your idea of monochromatic dressing is head-to-toe in one color and for you that’s too much of a statement

When you do put together a monochromatic look, it’s always the same way – one color

Or,  you feel this style is too trendy for you

There is more than one way to style a monochromatic look! Yes, those “fashion rules don’t exist,” you’ll learn how to mix and match the hell out of your wardrobe before you feel like you need to go shopping.

And when there’s more ways to put a look together that only means more outfits for you with the clothes you have! It’s a win/win for you.

Let’s give your style an upgrade! Are you ready to:

 Be more creative with your outfits and actually love them

Be different and incorporate prints to different colors with your monochromatic look

Learn how to create balance surrounding a look of bold and neutral colors

Pull off a monochromatic look that doesn’t overwhelm you

Feel polished and put together without feeling too trendy

Work this monochromatic style on and off the clock

What’s Inside This eBook?

How to:

Factor in the fabric and material when creating your look

Create balance so you don’t overwhelm your look

Add in additional color

Create a bold and toned down monochromatic look

Accessorize a monochromatic look

Add in a print

Step-by-step guide to putting an outfit together

Page count: 41

Upgrade And Learn:

The pieces that help to create balance with any outfit and that you can pair with any outfit so you’re able to mix and match your wardrobe, effortlessly!


(1) Fill the gaps of your wardrobe with your basics so you’re able to have a more functional and cohesive wardrobe that’ll allow you to create outfits around every piece that you own and any piece that you shop to add in

(2) Stop wasting your money on items that you either don’t need or don’t fit with your lifestyle

(3) Save yourself the time and hassle of shopping for these pieces on your own with a selection of affordable, fashionable and handpicked basics I’ve compiled for you to shop from.

Enter: Wardrobe Build: Laying the Foundation eBook

Page count: 39 pages

Total Package: $ 30

(Wardrobe Build: Laying the Foundation eBook is $29.99 when purchased separately, save and get both!)

Wardrobe Build: Laying the Foundation eBook

Wardrobe Basics Stylebook: 100 Outfits

Wardrobe basics shopping items

Monochromatic Dressing eBook


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4 reviews for Monochromatic Dressing

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    The monochromatic e-book was extremely on point for me. That’s the style I live for. It’s easy but the ebook opened my eyes and style to many other ways. I was impressed.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This e-book was my favourite. The “rules” for monochromatic accessorizing are thoroughly explained, with lots of “do’s” and don’ts” , together with the correct use of neutrals, in order to make the monochromatic look stylish, modern and not overwhelming. The risk of putting together a style that’s “too much” would be high especially with the stronger shades, but Daileigh’s e-book helped me enormously. And I also loved the nude monochromatic chapter.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This e-book is amazing. I was very impressed. This e-book enhanced my creativity and style to make the monochromatic look be well put together, stylish and not overwhelming. Once again Ashleigh your advice and tip are GREAT. Life is less complicated when getting dressed.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I’ve seen monochromatic outfits on Ashleigh’s Instagram page may times and I always would end up saying “I wanna be able to do that!” Luckily she created this eBook for those of us who need a little guidance in making such a fashion statement. She gave many tips on how to put pieces together that compliment but don’t overpower each other and it’s been extremely helpful.

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