What fun is having a wardrobe filled with stylish pieces but you're always wearing the same items, same outfits?


It's not that you need to spend more money on clothes just so you'll never get any where out of them.  It's that you haven't learned how to master maximizing your wardrobe options so you're able to create new outfits over and over again around the pieces you have.


As we covered, here, step one to maximizing is your basic pieces that you can pair with every single item within your wardrobe.


In order to get more wear out of your clothes, you need to:

(1) Know how to use your wardrobe basics to build new outfits around your items and pieces you're struggling to style

(2) Which pieces you can add to any outfit to help dress it up and make it more polished

(3) Which pieces you can add to any outfit to dress it down but still feel put together

(4) Know the styling techniques so you can create multiple outfits around the same pieces to create a new look


No item within your wardrobe is too dressy or too casual to the point where you're ruling it out for certain occasions or events.  When you know the above four points, you'll always be prepared and know how to put an outfit together that'll work -- without having to hit the mall or swipe your card!


Learning how to make the most out of your pieces will save you a ton of money from constantly shopping and a ton of time when it comes to picking out your outfits every day.


It's always nice to have new options but it's even better when you can create new outfits with the items in your wardrobe!


Next Steps:


Learn how to create more outfits around the clothes in your wardrobe


Is your wardrobe packed with the basics? If not, start here