While fashion may come easier to some than others, fashion is not as complex and difficult as it may appear.


In order to make sense of this word – fashion – and be able to navigate through it, you must first know what your personal style is.


Defining your style is the basis to building out your wardrobe, styling your looks to knowing how to take any garment or item and make it work for you.


It isn’t about what can and can’t work for you, it’s about how to make it work for you.

And in order to make this happen you need to know YOUR style.

Not sure if you could use some help in this area? Ask yourself this: How do you get dressed everyday?


What category from this chart do you fall in?

Are you constantly looking to someone else to put together your outfit each day?

Do you just continue to repeat the same type of outfits?

Or, settle for an outfit that you’re not in love with?

If you’re going through a daily struggle when it comes to getting dressed, sure you may not have pieces that you feel you like, but if you were clear on your personal style, you’d be able to take those “pieces you don’t like” and style them and create an outfit that you love.

Picking out an outfit becomes a lot easier when you know what your personal style is.

How tempting are these items? Super stylish and you know would be a great addition to your wardrobe, yet, you begin to question how to make them work for you.. are you ready to learn how to take items such as the below and learn how to style them to create an amazingly fashionable look?

Are you ready to get out of your own way from looking fab?!


I’m walking you through the steps to defining your personal style, click below to begin!


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