Is launching a website necessary to show off your style or if you’re interested in launching a fashion business? With social media at our disposal, do you even need a website?

Social media is so convenient to use, you don’t have to worry about running, creating, designing, or maintaining a website.  All you need to do is post a photo or some text and you can start building awareness or showcasing your talents.

Social media is an easier approach to take vs struggling to figure out how to get a website up and running.  So, this sounds like a no brainer, right?

This is where I see so many people making a mistake, by using social media only to promote and market themselves.  Don’t get me wrong, starting out on social media is fine, but if you’re only relying on social media, you could be potentially hurting yourself.

Hurting Your Brand

Why is that? Social media is unpredictable.   Things are always going to change, you won’t know what they are or when they’ll happen, you have no control over what is going to happen.

First, lets take this algorithm change that a lot of platforms have implemented, these platforms are showing you things they THINK you want to see vs the accounts you’re actually following.  So majority of the time people who are invested and already following you are no longer seeingyour posts in their feeds.  So, your marketing to only a small percentage of those that are actually following you.

Second, what if people want to know more about you? They’ve been following you or new toyour account, they love your style and/or see that you offer a service.  The first thing they’ll want to do is go to your website to get to know more about you, browse your work and see what you have to offer.  If you don’t have a website, how can they do that? Posting contact info and a brief sentence in your profile, isn’t enough.  If someone is interested in working with you, they’re not necessarily going to jump at the chance just because you have it mentioned in your profile, without having a website for them to learn more about you and how you operate.

Third, if social media disappeared tomorrow, then so would your business and all of those people who were following you.

With a website, you have full control

Your website is your opportunity to sell yourself and show off your talents.  Social media is only a snippet of what readers can expect on your site.  Without a website, how can you expect to operate and run a business? You can’t run one from social media.

You can’t cut corners if you’re looking to start a business or launch a website.  Operating solely on social media is cutting corners and leaving money and opportunities on the table.  Social media without a website = missed opportunities.

Do you need social media if you’re looking to launch a website? 

Yes, social media gives you the chance to update your readers daily, build trust, attract an audience, to marketing yourself then lead them to your site and convert those interested into loyal readers, and/or customers.

Launching your fashion website/blog is nothing short of a balancing act – from maintaining your site to running your social media channels all while juggling a 9 to 5 (if you have one), there is always something you’re suppose to be doing!

If you’re looking to build your fashion brand, you need to have a website, period.

Your website is your online portfolio where you can lay out your brand to attract, convert and grow an audience.

I started out with a website first then joined social media platforms, mainly because, a few years ago Instagram just launched and I didn’t see a need in the other ones at the time (to be completely honest).  However, by having a website, my audience grew quickly, opportunities started coming and eventually I began expanding my brand.  Catch my full story: HERE.

I created a roadmap to launching your fashion website in my online course, Launch Your Fashion Website.  This guides you step-by-step from the design/setup process, four elements of photography you need for a fashion website, creating + diversifying + monetizing your content, how to use each social media platform and how to market yourself to how to grow an audience.

Strategies that I have implemented for my brand and continue to use to this day, all in which have allowed me to grow my brand I’m sharing with you in this course! You can read the full course details: HERE.

But wait, what you already have a website but you’re not happy with it? You’d also benefit from the lessons shared throughout this course OR I could give you detailed pointers catered towards your brand! Read those full details: HERE.

If you’re still trying to define your brand and figure out how you’re going to position yourself to stand out, check out my online workshop: HERE.



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