Have you ever found yourself thinking: “Man, I really do love fashion, how can I use this to get ahead?”

You’re constantly scrolling through Instagram feeds, Pinterest pins to browsing different fashion websites and blogs pining over other people’s styles saying to yourself, “I should be doing this!”

You love fashion.  You want to show off your style, share your knowledge, dying to break into this fashion world but have no idea on what you can do or where to begin.

Two words: fashion website.

This is the best place to start.  Why?

Social media is awesome and you should definitely be active on multiple social media platforms, but as we know, social media and the many changes they continue to roll out are not under your control.  But you know what is? Your own fashion website.

You have full control on what is displayed, when it goes up or comes down to how it is shared.  Everything is up to you.

While it may sound like a lot of responsibility, could you imagine building a following on social media platforms just for it to disappear one day and then you’d have to start from scratch.  That would suck.

Having your own fashion website is in a way your portfolio, this is your opportunity to show off your skill set and everything you have to offer.  Your fashion website is your resume, having a fashion website can open up many doors for you.. more than you could even imagine.

Just from starting my fashion website, fast forward a few years, I was able to quit my 9 to 5 to live out my dream of being apart of this fashion world and working for myself! (I will share my full story in a future post!).

End goal

No matter if you’re looking to build up your clientele, launch your own line, open up your ecommerce store – having an online presence is crucial to making this happen.

Posting on social media alone won’t cut it, how can someone who is interested in investing in you learn more about you just from you posting pics on social media without a website for them to go to learn more about you? It’s a little impossible for that to happen.

No goal is too big.  Anything is possible IF you’re willing to put in the work to make it happen.

Where to start

Launching your fashion website is something you can’t take lightly these days, simply because everyone is launching left and right.  Don’t allow that to discourage or scare you, it only means, you have to start off on the right foot – from your design, layout, presentation to photography, it’ll only help you to stand out.

Sounds expensive? Would you believe me if I told you, you could have a professional looking website up and running by spending less than $100. Yesss.. you don’t need to shell out thousands on a designer to create your website or invest hundreds of dollars into a professional photographer.

Now a days, things have been made more much simpler so you can do it on your own without the stress and countless bills.

You’re probably like whatever.. I’m no tech guru.. I’d fail miserably at it.  You know this website you’re on right now (yes, mine!) I did this myself – no coding necessary, no designer and was up in running within a few hours.


If you’re not, then you’re about to because I am teaching you how to do it step-by-step all on your own.

From how to design and layout your website, the type of photographs you need + what to capture to help sell you, using social media platforms to grow your audience, diversifying your content + 50 different ideas that’ll keep your readers coming back, monetizing your site to how market yourself and grow your brand in my online course, Launch Your Fashion Website.

This course is your roadmap to building the foundation of your online presence!

You can view the full course details + enroll by clicking here


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