Working as a consultant, I get to see what so many of you guys struggle with when it comes to building your wardrobe, styling your looks to creating an image that you’re in love with.  Fashion is more of a daunting task than it is fun.  It’s more of a headache that you’d rather not deal with so most of the time you end up sticking to what is easiest for you.. wearing the same type of clothes and never venturing outside of your go-to looks.

One thing you may be guilty of is labeling your garments.

You know how you find yourself saying something is too casual or too dressy, so it doesn’t work, you toss it to the side and move onto the next item.  Well, it doesn’t have to work like that.

I am all about maximizing your wardrobe and showing you how to work your garments so that they’ll work for pretty much any occasion.

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Could you imagine being able to get dressed starting with an item you’re dying to wear and knowing how to style your look from what to add in and what to avoid in order to create that look that you want without having to change in and out of different outfits, working yourself up because you can’t seem to find anything that works?

Well, you can.  I’m all about that and I’m showing you how you can make this work for you.

When you think of jogger pants, you’re not automatically saying – yes! I need a pair, they’re a must have.  You’re more likely thinking, “those would be nice to have to throw on and go when I’m short on time.”

Even if you’re short on time, jogger pants can be be made from boring and casual to chic and polished.  Yes, sweatpants can be practical for your everyday wear… and even the office (except for a corporate setting).

Once you learn the trick on how to work your wardrobe, you’ll be creating new outfits surrounding items you already own in no time.  It’s all about knowing how to dress up and dress your pieces!

If you love a casual style or looking to update your wardrobe with something a little unexpected, learning how to style jogger pants is right up your alley.  Slay.. in a casual yet chic way!

Everyone grabs their favorite pair of denim in a hurry, why not switch it up and be a little different and still look just as stylish!

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From styling your jogger pants around flats, sneakers, boots to heels I give you a range of different outfit ideas so you can see what goes into building out your looks and how to take into account what items you need to add to your look in order to pull off that stylish look you’re going for! No matter if you’re looking for a casual/laid-back style to dressy or polished, in order to pull it, you have to know how to coordinate your look! Ready to see how it’s done?

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