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Fishnets have made a huge return to every day wear.  They aren’t just meant for behind closed doors only!

While this trend may not be new to you, this go-round, there are new ways of wearing them and incorporating into your outfits.  And get this, they are totally wearable during the day without feeling like your look is inappropriate.

If you’re looking for a way to add edge or something slightly unexpected to your looks, fishnets are a great option.  While they may seem too much of a statement, you know there are always options on how to style items to make them more suitable for you.

Before you can say, “I’m too old for fishnets, or “There is no why I’d be able to style them,” let me share a few tricks with you that’ll help to keep fishnets from crossing that line from classy to trashy:

  1. Balance and proportions are key
  2. Be strategic with how you’re adding prints and colors to your look
  3. Be cautious of mixing and matching different fabrics
  4. Less is more

Whether you’re running errands or going out for a night on the town, why not spice up your off the clock looks with some added sex appeal.

How To Style Fishnets | WWW.THEDAILEIGH.COM

You don’t need anything super fancy to make this trend work, those pieces you have hanging in your closet, there are plenty of ways to mix things up with this trend.

Do you own any of the following:

  1. Midi skirt
  2. Mini skirt
  3. Leather skirt
  4. Jogger pants
  5. Jeans
  6. Leather pants
  7. Sweater dress
  8. Timb’s
  9. Sneakers
  10. LBD
  11. Boots/Booties
  12. Maxi dress
  13. Tee
  14. Turtleneck
  15. Sweatshirt

Chances are you probably own a few of these items, which means, you have more outfits you can recreate incorporating fishnets!

In the below guide, I walk you through how to style fishnets surrounding all of the above (and then some) plus how to transition each look from day to night.

All you need to do is, grab a pair of fishnets, the one’s I am wearing can be found: HERE

Order the below guide ($2.99) and begin styling!

How To Style Fishnets | WWW.THEDAILEIGH.COM


You’ll be giving your entire wardrobe a major uplift, simply by adding in this fishnets trend.  I bet you won’t be second guessing them anymore once you realize how chic they can actually be.  I’m walking you through how to keep it classy!

Order and download HERE

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