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Shorts are an obvious summer staple.  They allow for the same flexibility as your go-to pants would; however, so many still turn away from shorts.


Maybe it's because you feel there isn't a style that is a good fit for you, the cut is all wrong or you can't seem to find a match that won't ride up your leg. 


In fashion, you always have options.  With options, there will always be a way to style a garment so that it flatters and makes you feel comfortable without having to swear them off completely.



How To: Create A Polished Look With Shorts eBook will help you build up your confidence to putting together a chic, polished and age-appropriate look surrounding a pair of shorts.

  • You'll learn:

  • How to coordinate your outfit to pull off a polished look surrounding: denim, jogger, tailored and casual styled shorts
  • How to coordinate shoes with your look
  • How to get more creative with putting your outfits together
  • How to create balance to avoid baring too much skin


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I N S T A N T  D O W N L O A D


Meet The Author!

Hi! I'm Ashleigh Hutchinson, I work as a fashion consultant and I'm the founder of The Daileigh, where I teach women how to feel and look their best through their choice in fashion, minus the stress, headache, and constant spending. I teach women how to exude confidence through their personal style. Through my eBooks and webinars, I have been able to help thousands of fashionistas stand out and truly become their own personal stylist. Fashion is not about how much you spend, or how much you have, it's about knowing how to work with what you have, to create what you want. And that's what I am here to show you.