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Do you ever feel like your outfits are lacking a personal touch or a little personality? You’ve nailed the neutral toned outfits but often feel like your outfits are in need of something extra.


While shopping for new pieces is certainly an option that usually only creates more options that you’ll struggle to wear and often result in a one-time wear.


A well-rounded wardrobe consists of your basics and key pieces.  Your key pieces are those clothes, shoes and accessories that you can add to your outfits to add a touch of you.  These pieces show off your personal taste and personality.  They could range anywhere from a color, different shape to a print.  Your choice in prints helps to show off what you like and your personal style making your look your own.


Instead of avoiding prints and sticking to a neutral toned wardrobe, allow prints to be the extra touch to your outfits and help you to start creating different outfits around the clothes you have.


In fashion, you always have options.  If a bold and colorful print seems too overwhelming for you, you have different ways of wearing it vs completely ruling it out.  You can go for a more toned down print and/or a smaller accessory to help ease your way into feeling more comfortable wearing prints.


This post is a preview into the eBook: How To Wear & Mix Prints


Adding Personality To your Look:

These outfit samples are from How To: Wear & Mix Prints eBook


WEAR ONE PRINT: Update your go-neutral outfits with an added print and pop of color:









How To: Wear and Mix Prints eBook helps you pull off feeling stylish and put together when adding a print or prints to your outfit.  This how-to guide will help you feel more confident with wearing one print, mixing different prints and accessorizing prints.  


You’ll learn how to:

- Pick colors to mix with prints

- How to use your basics to create balance within your outfits

- Style neutral and bold prints

- Wear prints in and out of the office

- Create a look that doesn’t overwhelm you


Below are a few of the prints you’ll learn how to style:

Update Your Outfits To Show Off Your Personality

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What’s Included In This eBook?

51 pages

-8 styling tricks to wearing, mixing and accessorizing prints

- How to create a statement or understated look surrounding prints

- How to transition your prints through different outfits and seasons

- Outfit ideas for different occasions


What Is An eBook?


An electronic book that you can read on any mobile device, laptop, iPad to desktop.  An eBook provides you with the convenience of reading on the go or at the comfort of your couch.  Your eBook is emailed to you immediately after purchasing as a PDF file that you can read and even click through the content and visuals.  You can save and store to your device so you’ll have lifetime access to it or print it out. An eBook is your ordinary book, just an electronic version of it.



Hi, I'm Ashleigh!

A few years ago I was guilty of being the constant shopper to update my wardrobe with new pieces thinking that was my only way to have new outfits.  I'd always struggle with being able to mix and match my pieces, so shopping was my only option.  After realizing the damage I was doing to my bank account, I knew there had to be a better way to be fashionable without always needing to spend.

I simplified my wardrobe and created a more functional space by taking the time to invest in my basic pieces so I'd easily be able to restyle my clothes to create new outfits and key pieces that I could add to my basics to help express my personality.  I use to spend thousands of dollars each year trying to keep up with being fashionable and now I only shop if I want to.

My basics have allowed me to master shopping from within!

This eBook is your roadmap to a more fashionable lifestyle the budget-friendly way!



What Customers Are Saying:

"I luuvvvv prints.  Great book!! Very informative.  Your tips make all the difference when putting my outfits together.  Life is so less complicated when it's time to get dressed.  Keep them coming!"
"I have always loved prints, but I was not sure how and what prints to wear.  When the Prints ebook was available, it was a must have for me.  I know after purchasing the ebook, I would be able to pull off prints.  I have purchased several ebooks and I have NOT been disappointed with the information or the layouts of the ebooks......Ashleigh knows her stuff!!!!"
"I like wearing prints in my outfit, but sometimes combining colors and accessories with a printed garment can be tricky.  This e-book made me more confident in putting them together!"
"This book truly helped me to put prints together and not be afraid to mix prints with a popping color.  For example, today I wore a polka dot button down shirt, blue capri flare pants, a pastel yellow shoe, and a pastel yellow clutch.  Not only did I gain knowledge of prints, but unconscious knowledge of color blocking."
"This has helped me to be more confident with bold colors and prints.  People have been complimenting me on my new confidence.  It has helped me to match my wardrobe to my personality!"


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this product refundable?
Due to this product being a digital download, refunds will not be issued.

How is this product delivered?

Your eBook is emailed to you immediately after you purchase as a PDF file. 

What To Wear Guide is emailed separately within 24 hours (business days), because this guide caters to different ages you will be asked during checkout which age style guide you would like to receive. 

How can I read this eBook?

You can read on any laptop, mobile device, desktop or iPad.

Does this eBook include visuals?

Yes! You will learn how to coordinate your outfits through visuals and text.

Do you have to be a certain age or body shape for this eBook?

Nope! This eBook will work for any women that needs help with expressing their personality through their outfits.

If I live outside of the U.S. can I still purchase?

Yes, this is a digital product; it is emailed to you not shipped.