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Flats are just as chic as a pair of heels - or any other shoe.


No need to force yourself in heels thinking that is the only way to be stylish or fashionable.  Heels aren’t the only way to feel dressed up and flats are meant to make you feel thrown together.


All you need is a little help on the styling side so you're able to update how you're wearing flats to feel more put together, polished and chic!


How To: Make Flats Chic eBook


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to assess which garments and accessories to add to help polish up your look
  • How to style: flops, flatforms, espadrilles to sneakers in a more chic way
  • The new way to comfy chic


I mean, who wouldn’t want to be slaying even if they’re in a pair of flops or sneakers?


 If you’re in love with a laid-back and comfortable look but still love to look stylish, learn how to step up your styling game so you can slay the day away .. and be just as fab!

*this is a digital download

$6.99 | *Holiday Sale Price*

I N S T A N T  D O W N L O A D


Upgrade and Learn:

The pieces that help to create balance with any outfit and that you can pair with any outfit so you’re able to mix and match your wardrobe, effortlessly!


(1) Pinpoint the styles that work best for your figure and age

(2) How to create outfits that are age appropriate

(3) Shopping guide to fill the gaps


Total Package: $ 30

(Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook is $39.99 when purchased separately, save and get both!)


Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook

Style At Any Age Guide // Age Range: 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69

Wardrobe Basics Online Shop Guide

How To: Make Flats Chic eBook



Meet The Author!

Hi! I'm Ashleigh Hutchinson, I work as a fashion consultant and I'm the founder of The Daileigh, where I teach women how to feel and look their best through their choice in fashion, minus the stress, headache, and constant spending. I teach women how to exude confidence through their personal style. Through my eBooks and webinars, I have been able to help thousands of fashionistas stand out and truly become their own personal stylist. Fashion is not about how much you spend, or how much you have, it's about knowing how to work with what you have, to create what you want. And that's what I am here to show you.