Do you ever feel like your style is the opposite of what you wear?

It’s predictable, thrown together and lacks personality and interest.

Which often leads you to comfort dressing – jeans and tee, leggings, blouse and slacks, rotating the same pieces and outfits over and over again.

When events come up, you end up shopping for a new outfit.  When your friends want to go out, you have nothing to wear.  When you do go out, you go for your fail-safe outfit – jeans and a tee, leggings or your favorite garment that everyone has already seen a million times before.

While living the fashionable life seems out of reach, it’s more realistic and practical than you think.


Even with the most basic and simple pieces, you can still be stylish.  Being stylish doesn’t mean you have to wear heels or be dressed up but instead knowing how to add different pieces to your outfit to achieve a polished and put together look and being able to use your accessories to help it stand out and give it that wow factor and personal touch.

If you’re feeling like your outfits are too basic and plain for you, the best thing about this is: you have your basics.  While you still may need to add in a few, your basics are the start to creating a style that is more fashionable and stylish.

Having a wardrobe filled with basics and all neutrals – black, grey’s, nudes to whites – you are a step in the right direction.

Look at your basics as the pieces that’ll allow you to mix and match your wardrobe.  You can style any garment, style, color or print to your basics.. Why? Because they’re neutrals, so they’ll work with absolutely any and everything.

You know those printed shoes you’ve been eyeing or the pink bomber jacket you’ve been dying to have but don’t know how to piece them together – style them with your basics and you have an outfit.


Styling your look so that it feels more put together requires a few things:

  1. Accessories
  2. Your basics
  3. Understanding which basic pieces to add to your look to help add the dressier or casual element to your outfit

Think about your favorite outfit: jeans and a tee.

Now picture this outfit: jeans, a tee tucked in with a belt, flats and a casual layer :

(1) Right now you have an outfit that consists of mainly casual items yet something as simple as tucking in your shirt and adding on a belt helps to polish it up and show that you’ve put forth effort in creating a more put together look vs feeling thrown together.

(2) An added layer helps to make the look more different and unique, how? Anyone can throw on a pair of jeans and tee but not everyone thinks to add on a layer or a third piece to help make a simple and basic look feel more put together.  

(3) Next thing to think about is how you want to complete your look – do you want to dress it up a bit or keep it casual? Let’s say you want to dress it up, this is where your accessories come into play – the accessories you choose to add to your look should help elevate your already casual look with a dressier element; your options could include an item of jewelry such as a statement necklace, a more formal bag; such as a structured satchel bag or a formal clutch.

What do you end up with, with these accessory add on’s? A casual and polished look with dressier accessories to complete your outfit.  You see how simple that was to turn something as basic as a jeans and tee into a more polished look.

It’s fairly simple to apply this approach to how you style and coordinate your looks so that you feel more put together.


Pulling off this approach requires you getting familiar the different basics, shoes to accessories to help with transitioning your current style to a more fashionable one.

The Daileigh Slay eBook is over 150 pages of styling tips and tricks to help you with your transition.  From filling in the gaps within your wardrobe, learning which pieces you can add to any look, accessorizing to help your look stand out (jewelry, hats, bags, belts to scarves) to learning which pieces you can add to any outfit to help you feel more put together.  This is the combo that’ll help you feel more polished whether you’re in jeans, sneakers, flats or heels – you’ll be able to dress up any casual garment and dress down those garments and items you feel are too dressy.


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