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Creating a wardrobe that allows you to look great and feel your best is more important than trying to confine yourself to certain styles, fits, colors to prints because of your age. Who’s to say that you can’t wear something because of your age? Are you supposed to give up on how you dress and conform to “certain rules” because of a number?

Absolutely not.

The only thing that may shift is the styles that you choose. Age is only a number, ladies — not a reason to not look your best.

If your closet doesn’t inspire you, stresses you out, or doesn’t feel like you; it’s never too late to change that. You want a closet filled with clothes that will allow you to look and feel fabulous no matter the occasion, event, or season.

And starting from scratch and investing in an entirely new wardrobe, surprisingly, is not the answer.

Throughout this post, you will learn the steps you need to take to transform your closet and style without breaking the bank. Or, if you would prefer to receive personal feedback on what your wardrobe needs to help you dress better that works for your lifestyle - click here.



 Getting Organized

As dreadful as it may sound, it’s a must to achieving the style that you want. Sorting through your closet and getting rid of what no longer serves a purpose and the items you need, will show you what your wardrobe is lacking and make it easier for you to get dressed. It’s better to have a closet filled with fewer clothes that you need than a closet filled with random pieces that you may or may not need.

This, on its own, creates a headache and a nightmare when it comes to picking out an outfit. And who wants to start every day facing a problem or challenge?

I’ve created a free guide on how to organize your closet, get your copy here:


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 Breaking down your wardrobe needs

This step goes hand-in-hand with organizing your closet because to understand what you should toss or keep; you need first to know what your wardrobe needs and what makes sense for your lifestyle.

To help you through this process, I’ve created a three-step Q&A that helps you evaluate your wardrobe and lifestyle needs and help pinpoint what to add to your wardrobe:

This step helps you to focus on what makes sense for your day-to-day, so you’re not filling your closet with clothes you’ll never wear or don’t need and allow you to save money when you begin filling in the gaps because you’ll have a clear idea on what you actually need.



Filling in the gaps 

You already have clothes in your closet that you love, but figuring how to wear them, put together your outfits, style them differently is your challenge. Filling in the gaps to avoid this struggle is where you should begin first.

If you begin aimlessly shopping for random pieces because you have a better understanding of your wardrobe needs will only add to your problem. You don’t want to add in more random pieces to mix in with the random pieces you already have.

Instead, you want to be intentional with how you’re filling in the gaps and what you’re adding into the mix. You want to add in pieces that you can easily wear with the clothes you already have. The goal is not to create a closet filled with clothes but a functional space where you can easily mix and match the clothes you have and anything you add. So later down the line or whenever you stumble upon an item you absolutely love and have to have, you’ll already have the pieces in your closet that’ll allow you to easily wear these new items but also create different outfits for them.

Filling in the gaps starts with your wardrobe basics because you can wear your basics with anything and everything.

Your basics are your neutral colors and neutral prints:

You can select any of these colors to add to your wardrobe and make it easier for you to customize your closet. For example, if you don’t like one of these colors; then you have two options - (1) either skip it entirely or (2) select a lighter or darker shade of that color:

You don’t have to force yourself to add ALL colors and prints, but you want to give yourself options. I help you with how to narrow down selecting your color palette focus with my ‘Rule Of Three’ to avoid creating a dull wardrobe that lacks variety. Neutral colors may feel a bit boring even though they aren’t, so my Rule Of Three will help you keep it exciting.

Your basics are a mix of clothes, shoes, and accessories - different styles, fits, colors, prints to length; and you can wear them all with anything!

To avoid the headache of trying to start randomly buying anything neutral toned, I’ve created a complete list of wardrobe basics you can wear year-round:

Casual & Dressy Wardrobe Basics:

All-Casual Wardrobe Basics:

With your basics, it’ll be easier for you to get dressed minus the stress. You’ll be able to mix and match your clothes, stop wearing the same outfits and put together new outfits around the same pieces.

You really have inspired me to begin streamline my wardrobe and to really start to develop a closet of clothes that I LOVE to wear (not to mention forcing me to really think about what my needs are for the style I want and feel comfortable in).

Your “Basics” E-book was very helpful and helped to fill in some gaps and also helped me “come to Jesus” regarding my style, needs and clothing preferences.



Putting together different outfits

 With your wardrobe basics, you can now turn your closet into endless outfit options without always having to spend money just to have a new outfit.

You can dress up and dress down your clothes, transition them through the seasons and be able to master wearing the same clothes differently.

Mastering how to maximize your wardrobe options and use your wardrobe basics to create the outfits and style that you want will save you thousands of dollars in the long run and also provide you more outfits than before.

I show you how to put together different outfits and dress better with the clothes you have, here:



 Leisurewear essentials

Aside from your wardrobe basics, leisurewear essentials are also often overlooked when they’re just as important as your everyday essentials.

These essentials add another layer to your wardrobe and provide you with casual, stylish, yet comfortable outfits that are perfect for lounging, running errands, staying active to your outdoor activities:

Starting with the year-round essentials will save you both time and money because it’ll highlight the pieces you already have (through your wardrobe basics) then show you to fill in the gaps to add an athleisure touch. Without your leisurewear essentials, your casual outfits will always be the same outfits - shirt and jeans or feel thrown together.

With your leisurewear essentials and wardrobe basics combined, you can achieve a different way of casual dressing - athleisure!

You can easily mix and match these year-round essentials, remove or add a layer to cater to the season, put together different outfits around the same pieces without always shopping for new pieces.

Update your wardrobe with leisurewear essentials:


 Rounding out your wardrobe with seasonal staples

Having your wardrobe basics and knowing how to put together different outfits with them now allows you to be selective with how you’re shopping for clothes going forward. You can add new items if you want, or you don’t have to because you’ll always have plenty of options with your wardrobe basics.

However, because your wardrobe basics are your year-round pieces; you may also want to add in the seasonal staples; like sandals and shorts for warmer weather or boots and coats for colder weather. There are wardrobe essentials for each season that also serve the same role as your basics; however, the difference is you can’t wear seasonal staples year-round (depending on where you live). For example, you’re not going to be wearing riding boots when it’s 100 degrees outside or wearing shorts in the snow. These aren’t year-round pieces; instead, seasonal staples. But because you can transition your wardrobe basics throughout each season, they will still be your base pieces as you add your seasonal staples and create even more outfits.

Do you see how that works? And how much money your basics save you?

Instead of investing in a new wardrobe each season, all you have to do is transition your basics and update with your seasonal pieces.

Your seasonal staples will be a mix of seasonal colors, prints, fabrics, textures to trends.

Each season, I create capsule wardrobes to guide you with updating your wardrobe based on your style preferences and lifestyle needs. Below is a breakdown of the eBooks.


Social Squares_Styled Stock Photos for Social Media_0034.JPG

* Click image to go to that seasonal capsule page *



 I created a free occasional capsule wardrobe to help you with updating your closet with dressier pieces to carry you through different springs events:








Travel wardrobe 

Combining your wardrobe basics and seasonal staples will give you plenty of outfit options for traveling. You don’t have to shop for new outfits when you go on vacation; instead, you can shop from within your closet, mix and match your pieces and put together “new” outfits without spending any money!

It’s very easy to overpack and feel the need to bring everything in your closet. But the more you pack, the more you have to pay to check your bags - and that’s taking away from your vacation spending money.

You can pack less and still have plenty to wear when traveling.

I teach you how to pack with intention and put together different outfits around the same pieces with my travel capsule plus how to use your travel capsule to put a stylish and comfortable airport look together.

Summer Travel Style:

For a mix of casual and dressy summer essentials:

For all casual summer essentials:



 Creating Outfits For Work

Again, with your wardrobe basics, you have plenty of options that you can wear at work. I say, “again,” because your basics can span almost any occasion or event.

To avoid feeling the need to create a separate wardrobe and wasting money on “work clothes,” use your wardrobe basics and then update with stylish pieces that are appropriate for work but also stylish enough to wear outside of work.

Saving money is key! Going broke looking good is not needed.

Below you’ll notice that a majority of these items are your basic pieces that cater to the workplace. You can achieve a stylish look at work without being too trendy by using the basics and then adding pops of colors or prints:

So you don’t need to invest in a new wardrobe, only update it! Starting with your year-round workwear essentials will also make it easier for you to transition your clothes, shop less, and put together more outfits. I help you narrow down the different styles to add to the mix and will keep you 9-to-5 chic, here:

Seasonal Work Capsules:


Dressing better and loving your style has nothing to do with your age and is far from having to go broke, trying to achieve a look that you want. Dressing better begins within your closet and with you taking the time to go through each step above carefully.

Looking good is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Feeling great about what you wear can make a world of difference in your mood, attitude, and enhance your lifestyle. You don’t have to conform to these non-existent fashion rules; you can create your own. And these steps give you the confidence to put together a wardrobe that reflects you, makes you feel comfortable, and keep you stylish!

These guides make wardrobe building fun and it’s realistic. I was wasting so much time and $$$ when I had no idea what I was doing.

I just want to tell you I’ve done many capsule programs in the last few years, and I ordered your wardrobe basics e-book yesterday, and it is THE best of them all without question. I love that you’ve explained how to do simple, neutral classics without being boring (the rule of three is brilliant) - AND I had many pieces that can work with this approach in my closet; I just wasn’t using them because they weren’t organized. I’m going to work through building all the basics, and then will look at your seasonal books when I’m ready.

Anyways, just a note of thanks and WELL DONE; really, there are so many capsules out there but yours is by far the best I’ve come across. Wish I’d found you a few years ago when I started doing capsules! 👏👏👏