Who says you can’t be fly at any age or shape? It’s not about what you can’t wear but how to take garments and different styles to put together a look that works and is appropriate for YOU.

Don’t allow these non-existent fashion rules dictate your fly.

You can pull off wearing less without feeling like you’re showing off too much skin.

Swearing off shorts because you feel they’re either too short, “not appropriate” for your age or shape, doesn’t mean they don’t work for you — it only means (A) You have no clue on which styles work best for your figure and (B) You’re not sure on how to piece together an outfit surrounding a shorter hemline.

The good news: shorts can totally work for you and I’m going to show you how!

Are you tired of:

Feeling like you’re always wearing the same type of outfits – those maxi dresses, rompers and pant combo are starting to bore you

Constantly shopping to keep up with your social activities and then only wearing those one-piece items one time

Confining your fly to a handful of styles and garments

Believe it or not, adding shorts into your outfit mix will only help you save more money in the long run.  Think about it: without options and variety, you’re stuck wearing the same outfits without doing anything different. Your style then becomes predictable — that’s what you’re bored with and leads you to go shopping.

Are You Ready To Shake Things Up?

Enter: How To Create A Polished Look With Shorts

Your Summer 17 Slay starts now, you’ll be able to:

 Be more creative with your outfits and step outside of your go-to looks

Feel more confident when showing off your legs

Give your wardrobe life and add more variety to it

Piece together a polished and chic outfit surrounding any pair of shorts

What’s Inside:

How to match different garments, shoes and accessories to create a look around: denim, jogger, casual and tailored shorts

Step-by-step guide to putting an outfit together

Investment: $9.99 (20 pages)


Upgrade and Learn:

Every styling technique needed to use your basics to mix and match your wardrobe, transition your outfits, accessorize, double the size of your wardrobe to styling prints and colors with a breakdown of the different casual and dressy garments, accessories to shoes you can add to piece together your look. New outfits every day with the clothes you have WITHOUT having to hit the mall or bank account.

Enter: The Daileigh Slay (How To Dress eBook) | page count: 173

Total Package: $40

(The Daileigh Slay eBook is $39.99 when purchased separately, save and get both!)


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  1. Thank you for a great post. Definitely going to try it before summer time. Thanks for sharing.

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