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Building, launching and growing a brand is a lot of work - and the workload never ends, it continues to pile up.  A process that should be exciting and getting you super pumped to unleash to the world, 9 times out of 10 many of you don't feel this way.  Instead you're more like stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated to never finding the time to get things done.


Those Endless Google Searches Doesn't Give You That One-On-One Attention Catered To Your Brand, Your Goals And Vision.


Whether you're in the beginning stages and just launching or struggling trying to decide how to grow your brand and online business my brand development services give you the hands-on help, direction and relieves you of the stress and headache of having to do it on your own and.. work through the tech-side of running a brand.


How We Can Work Together:


Brand Development One-on-One:

+ WordPress blog setup

+ Coming soon page setup

+ Branding

+ Visual branding

+ Social media strategy

+ Content creation, strategy + editorial calendar

+ Lead magnet strategy and setup

+ Email list setup and growth strategy

+ Social media automation / Using social media to grow your brand

+ Online store integration with blog

+ Marketing and sales strategy for products and services

+ Digital product development


Prices can vary depending on your brands needs, ranging from $500 - $2,500+.



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