My inspiration behind creating a line of fashion eBooks was simply to help you ladies feel more confident about your style and make life easier when it comes to coordinating your outfits.

Sweatshirts, along with several other “casual” items aren’t garments you typically think of being stylish, let alone a garment that can work for your day-to-day.

Many of you guys usually throw on a sweatshirt when you’re in a rush and in need of just throwing something on for the the hell of it.

Making a sweatshirt chic is something you wouldn’t even think about, right?

That’s what my eBooks are for, they’ll open your eyes to a new style and creative ways to style pieces you own.  You can make any garment or item chic and stylish when you know how to work your wardrobe and style your looks – which I understand is another area that you struggle with.

Just think about how many outfits you’re missing out on, this very moment, because you’re overlooking their fabulousness.  You can absolutely take a sweatshirt and style it casually or polish it up to be practical, stylish and wearable ON and OFF the clock (unless you work in corporate America).

Either way, we all love a casual outfit and are in need of an outfit to just throw on and go from time to time.  Why not be chic while you’re at it?

If you’re looking for a way to switch up your casual looks and update your style – whether you prefer to be in flats, heels or boots, a sweatshirt should be a chic staple garment within your wardrobe.

In How To: Make Sweatshirts Chic eBook, you’ll learn exactly how to style your outfits surrounding items you already own so you can pull off styling sweatshirts and being different, because lets be honest, many don’t think to make a sweatshirt chic.

Ready to be different?

Order your copy // HERE // best thing, it’s an instant download, so you can be rockin’ sweatshirts as soon as tomorrow.  You already have the pieces, now allow me to show you how to werk your wardrobe.  Order // HERE //

How to: Make Sweatshirts Chic

I feel more confident about wearing sweatshirts more often because of this ebook.

Ok so the fact that Ashleigh made an ebook about styling a sweatshirt is awesome sauce right?! How could you not be intrigued by that alone? I must admit that I was like most people who only wear a sweatshirt when lounging around the house, or on those days when you don’t feel like getting dressed up. However, that was until I read this ebook. Now I look at my sweatshirts totally different. I can pair my sweatshirts with different pieces and still have a very polished look. I feel more confident about wearing sweatshirts more often because of this ebook. I recommend this ebook because it will allow you to expand and/or add some versatility to your style and wardrobe.
How to: Make Sweatshirts Chic

I felt like I had my own personal stylist at home with me

I loved this book. This was my second purchase. The pictures and instructions were very easy to follow. I felt like I had my own personal stylist at home with me. This book really provided great detail on how to switch my look quickly and effortlessly. I feel much more confident now that I have read the book!

Ashleigh takes awesomeness to another level

Sweatshirts?! Forreal?! Forreal! Ashleigh takes awesomeness to another level and makes the common sweatshirt a glittering star!! You will never look at a sweatshirt the same way again!


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