That frustrating feeling of wanting to experiment more with your style but having no idea on how to make it work for you always leaves you resorting to the same outfits -- and to be completely honest, you’re over it.


Prints, happen to fall under this category.  You want to wear them but then you’re like, “I don’t want to stand out,” or “How can I style the same print again without it being the same outfit or as noticeable?”


You wouldn’t believe me if I told you that the boldest prints, you can style so they’re not as in your face AND you can restyle the same prints time and time again to create new outfits.


You know that saying, nothing great ever comes from staying within your (style) comfort zone? Why confine your style to only a few outfits and neutral colors? Why continue to settle on outfits that you’re not 110% in love with?


Just think about all those stylish outfits you’re missing out on because you aren’t willing to style prints?


So, a printed top may not work for you but what about a smaller item -- shoes, belt or bag?


You don’t have to completely rule out prints but instead learn which items and prints make you feel comfortable and confident enough to pull it off without having to doubt what you’re wearing.


Say goodbye to the, “I don’t know how to style prints” and get use to saying, “I got this!”