As exciting as you may be to break out all things fall and start planning your cozy fall looks you can’t help but be a little sad about having to pack away your clothes.


What about that summer dress that you just purchased a few months ago?

Or, those summer clothes you recently scored due to all the end-of-the-summer sales?  

Do you really have to wait an entire year just to style them or wear them again?


Nope! How unfair would that be.


There is no need to pack away your summer clothes just yet! With a few styling tips and tricks you’ll be able to transition your fave summer pieces and style them for fall.

Learn how to get more wear out your clothes and create new looks surrounding the clothes you already have!


What You’ll Learn:

Throughout the pages you’ll be taken through different outfit examples transitioning:

  • Maxi dresses
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Rompers
  • Summer tops
  • Sandals

Page count: 12 pages