Culottes fall right in line with pieces that I add to my wardrobe – their casual and laid back fit and feel make it super easy to dress up or dress them down.  Well, I feel that way about anything in my wardrobe.

The key with pulling off culottes are keeping your proportions in mind and balancing out what may seem like an awkward length.  The flared/loose fitting bottom can completely throw you off when it comes to coordinating your look, so if you’re taking a page out of The Daileigh Slay and working a new style into your wardrobe, here are a couple tips to making this style work for you:

Style tip #1: If pairing with a loose-fitting top, you can either pair with heels to avoid feeling frumpy or if styling with flats just make sure your waistline doesn’t go hidden underneath the loose layers.  When it’s harder to make out your shape, it can sometimes lead to an unflattering look.

Style tip #2: Avoid ankle-strapped shoes; with the length of the pants then adding on a strap in a way shortens the only amount of your leg showing even more – keep it open.

Style tip #3: If you’re looking for a way to dress them down or up, refer to The Daileigh Slay eBook styling tips and breakdown of different garments and accessories to coordinate with your look to help pull it off.

This is an easy style to pull off, you just need to keep your proportions in mind!



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  1. Culottes as well as a denim mini skirt are on my list of things to buy and I seen a pair that you linked below that I’m gonna have to snag. I think I want a pair of denim culottes as well!!

    Love the way you styled this!!!

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