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Do you ever feel like you're blogging to no one?


You're either spending endless hours creating content for your blog and there is nothing to show from it - your audience isn't growing, your audience isn't engaging with your content to no one is shopping with you or hiring you.


You're getting stuck on what to blog about which then leads to you being inconsistent and feeling all over the place.

You're stuck.  You're not seeing progress and you have no idea on what to do.

Let me tell you, giving up is never an option and being inconsistent is only going to keep you going in circles.

It's time to re-focus and create a stronger content strategy that your audience will be dying for!


Do you want to create content that when you say, "NEW POST!" - your readers go running to your blog to check out your latest post?

Do you want your readers referring your blog to their girlfriends?

Do you want an audience that looks to your blog for daily inspiration and advice? And impatiently waiting for a new post?

Do you want an audience that engages and shares your content?

Do you want to create content that helps to promote your product or service without feeling too salesy?


Are you ready to create content that'll attract your ideal audience?

It's time to CREATE. HOOK. and PITCH.


This workbook bundle walks you through how to create content that speaks directly to your ideal reader, customer or client.  No matter if you're looking to just show off your personal style, promote your product or service, you need a strategy that'll bring in the RIGHT audience.

With my 7 step process you'll find it more easier to write out your content that people actually want to read, be more consistent with posting and starting growing your audience.

*Includes actual content examples for personal style posts and posts promoting your fashion product or personal styling service.*



+ Printable workbook to plan out your blog content


Are you ready to hook, create and pitch?

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Hi, my name is Ashleigh!

My journey began as a fashion blogger juggling my 9 to 5 and growing my brand.  Over the past few years, I've been featured in magazines, online features, worked with big brands; such as, L'Oreal, Target, Nordstrom to H&M.  Through my blog, I've been able to expand my brand to offer styling and brand development services, a collection of fashion + style eBooks to launching the first ever members-only website that provides women styling tips catered to dressing for your age.

In 2014, I quit my 9 to 5 and have been running my brand full-time since.  I started with zero followers and have been able to take my fashion blog and turn it into my business.  I've done it on my own with no team.  I've been exactly where you're at right now and know there is a lot that goes into running a brand.

I'm happy that I'm able to help other women fuel their passion and turn into their reality.  I've been able to create my dream job because I decided to start my blog, and now I'm helping you build yours!

Read my full story: here.

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Due to this product being a digital download, refunds will not be issued.

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Your eBook is emailed to you immediately after you purchase as a writable PDF file.  You can fill out by either typing directly into the document or printing and filling out.