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Are you tired of feeling like you have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear?


Do any of these sound familiar to you:

- You struggle to put together different outfits around your clothes; so majority of the time you're wearing the same outfits and same pieces, the same way.

- You're uninspired by your look; you've tried time and time again to be a little more creative with your clothes but then you doubt and second-guess if it looks good or not or you purchase new items and then struggle to create an outfit for them or wear them only one-time.

You have a bunch of clothes that you don't wear; you're guilty of being a one-time wearer, buying things because you love it or because you have the perfect match for it but then struggle to wear with other items in your closet.

It doesn't have to be this way..

With just a few wardrobe basics you can alleviate yourself from resorting to style that isn't you, save yourself the time from struggling to get dressed each day and stop struggling to be stylish. 


You're already a step ahead because you probably have some of these pieces already but don't have a clue on how these basics can be coordinated with the rest of your clothes to turn those one-time wears into more outfits and create new outfits around your pieces.


You can be outfit-ready for any and every occasion, vacation to event or when something pops up unexpectedly, with your wardrobe basics you'll be able to shop from within your wardrobe to create casual or dressy outfits that'll work without having to swipe your card and shop... or settle on an outfit you don't love.


With these 4 steps you'll learn the 24 pieces (clothes, shoes & accessories) you need to get rid of struggling to pair your clothes, how to create different outfits around your go-to pieces and how to style outfits around everything you have in your closet.



4 Steps to a better style:



Show me how to create Outfits with the clothes i have!

Wardrobe Basics

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Be better dressed with the clothes you have - In this 50+ page eBook combo you'll Get:

- The 24 pieces plus a style guide for each piece with suggestions on different fits, lengths, styles to colors

- Wardrobe List categorizing your basics by "dressy" and "casual" to help you easily identify which garments to coordinate with your look to make it more dressy or casual

- Style Chart outlining the different garments you can match with every item in your closet

- Step-by-Step guide on how to use your basics to create outfits around your clothes, one-time wears and items you're struggling to style

Bonus: Style At Any Age Guide with 40 outfit ideas + basics style guide broken down by age (20-69)

Bonus: Additional 100 outfit ideas surrounding your basics

Bonus: Access to private online shopping guide


Hi, I'm Ashleigh!

A few years ago I was guilty of being the constant shopper to update my wardrobe with new pieces thinking that was my only way to have new outfits.  I'd always struggle with being able to mix and match my pieces, so shopping was my only option.  After realizing the damage I was doing to my bank account, I knew there had to be a better way to be fashionable without always needing to spend.

I simplified my wardrobe and created a more functional space by taking the time to invest in my basic pieces so I'd easily be able to restyle my clothes to create new outfits.  I use to spend thousands of dollars each year trying to keep up with being fashionable and now I only shop if I want to.

My basics have allowed me to master shopping from within!

This eBook is your roadmap to a more fashionable lifestyle the budget-friendly way!



What Customers Are Saying:

“Through these eBooks I’ve been able to create a wardrobe that really works for me and reflects my personality and my space in life. I have a wardrobe filled with basics that I didn’t have before and I’ve been able to get more mileage out of my old pieces. I’m still building and minimizing but somehow maximizing my options. Great buy!”
“I’ve stood in my closet plenty of times thinking that I had nothing to wear. I ordered your eBook and almost immediately started thinking of new ways to wear some of the pieces I own. These guides have definitely helped me be more stylish in the office and out for drinks with the girls.”
“I am a busy professional who always struggles with how to put outfits together that reflected not only my personal style but take into consideration my budget and having pieces that could span seasons. I have purchased several of your eBooks and find myself going back to again and again. Each is full of tricks and tools to provide you with your own ultimate style. I am now more confident in my fashion skin thanks to your ebooks!”

Frequently asked questions:

Is this product refundable?

All products are non-refundable. If you have a question or concern, please email:

How is this product delivered?

Your eBook is emailed to you immediately after you purchase as a zip folder with separate PDF’s to download.

Are the shopping picks expensive?

Nope! Totally affordable. Prices range from $5 and up from online retailers; such as, Nordstrom, H&M, GAP, Express to Old Navy.

I don’t live in the U.S., can I still use this shopping guide?

Double check on the retailer's website regarding their shipping policy. Most retailer’s offer international shipping, some may not.

Are there only a few shopping picks for each basic?

Nope! There are a variety ranging in style, fit, length to color.

What will I receive?

You will receive a zip file that’ll include 3 separate PDF files to download - (1) Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook, (2) Maximize Your Wardrobe and (3) 100 Outfits Style Guide. During checkout you’ll be asked to enter in the age for the Style At Any Age Guide that you’d like to receive. This guide will be emailed separately within 1 business day of ordering to the email address entered during checkout.

How can I read this eBook?

You can read on any laptop, mobile device, desktop or iPad.

Does this eBook include visuals?

Yes! This eBook teaches you through both visuals and text.

Do you have to be a certain age or body shape for this eBook?

No, the basics included are classic staple pieces that any women can wear. Style At Any Age Guide will breakdown the different styles from the 24 pieces for different ages.

If I live outside of the U.S. can I still purchase?

Yes, this is a digital product; it is emailed to you not shipped.

How can I read this eBook?

You can read on any laptop, mobile device, desktop or iPad.