Deciding to start your blog and/or online business can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  You're eager to launch but find it a little discouraging because you see so many others doing something similar to what you want to do.  You've convinced yourself that getting noticed and standing out may be a battle that you won't win.


In a saturated web where it's easy to feel this way, you can still stand out and grow your blog and online business.  


Even with all the fashion, beauty to lifestyle blogs... you can still get noticed and attract an audience.


Understanding your approach and how you're going to get in front of this audience is where you find yourself struggling but this doesn't mean don't follow through!


Defining your brand and target audience allows you to breakdown the foundation of your blog/online biz so you can build and grow.  


Fact: This stage doesn't always come first for a lot of people, in fact, many don't even think of this step until they've hit a wall.


It's ok if you've already launched and are at this stage or in the process of starting but don't know the next steps, defining your brand and audience is essential to building and growing your online presence.


In order to understand how to position your brand to stand out, how to attract and grow an audience you need to start (or get back to) the basics - defining your brand and target audience.


Next Steps:


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