In a saturated market it's easy to feel like you'll never be able to get noticed, attract a following or you think everyone is already doing what you want to do so it may not happen for you.


This feeling only happens when you're not clear on how what you have to offer can be used to attract the right audience to help grow your brand.

Getting caught up in comparison, feeling discouraged and unhopeful often leaves you talking yourself out of something you're truly passionate about.

I've been able to grow my blog from scratch, starting with ZERO followers and growing my blog into my full-time business.  Now I'm helping you to do the same!

Thanks for the feedback, it helped me to organize my ideas and be more specific on certain things. You’re awesome. I have to say it!
— Erika van O'ordt


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You made me think about how I really want to set my brand apart. I want to get solid on this so it can guide all of my decisions.
— Sharece O'Neal
I started with the workbook and the questions were quite tough. I realized there are things I haven’t thought about when it comes to my brand. It’s an amazing starting point!
— Denise DaCosta
Thank you for all of your help so far. It’s tough but I’m definitely growing.
— Allanah Barnes