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Building, launching and growing a brand is a lot of work - and the workload never ends, it continues to pile up.  A process that should be exciting and getting you super pumped to unleash to the world, 9 times out of 10 many of you don't feel this way.  Instead you're more like stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated to never finding the time to get things done.


Those Endless Google Searches Doesn't Give You That One-On-One Attention Catered To Your Brand, Your Goals And Vision.


Whether you're in the beginning stages and just launching or struggling trying to decide how to grow your brand and online business my brand development services give you the hands-on help, direction and relieves you of the stress and headache of having to do it on your own and.. work through the tech-side of running a brand.


Hi, I'm Ashleigh.  Your mentor!

I run a fashion + brand consulting business helping women create a style they love and a life they want.  My journey began as a fashion blogger and juggling a 9 to 5.  In 2014, I ditched corporate America and have been running my business full-time.

Starting my blog was the best decision I've made; it ultimately lead to my dream job and lifestyle that I only imagined.  From attending New York Fashion Week, being featured in magazines to working with some of the top brands - L'Oreal, H&M, Nordstrom to Target; none of this would be publish if I didn't decide to hit that 'publish' button.

I've been ale to grow my blog into my brand by myself and now I'm helping you to build yours!

How We Can Work Together:

- WordPress website/blog setup

- Coming soon page setup

- Branding

- Social media strategy

- Content strategy + creation

- Marketing strategy

- Email list setup and growth strategy

- Online store integration with blog

- Marketing and sales strategy for products and services

- Newsletter Strategy 


Prices vary depending on your brands needs, starts between $3,500 - $5,000+.



"Years ago I remember following Ashleigh’s brand, The Daileigh, and being so inspired. I loved everything about her style and the way she conveyed it. I thought to myself “I wish to one day grow my brand Dyandra Raye into something as amazing!”

Then opportunity knocked and I had a chance to enroll in a One on One Brand Development for 3 months with Ashleigh!  Spots were limited so I signed up immediately. Ashleigh delivered so much more than just helping me develop my brand, she made me look at blogging as more than just that, and instead how can I turn it into a viable digital fashion business. 

Every idea came with a challenge to make it that much better. Her communication was superb and I never felt alone any step of the way. Ashleigh has helped me take my brand to the unforeseen heights and I am now even collaborating with major brands because of my new direction. I am so happy that I made this investment into my brand and I will definitely be back for more! If you are looking for a brand overhaul, you’ve come to the right place!" - Dyandra Raye


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