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No more wasting your time adding random pieces because you think you need them and then end up with more pieces you struggle to wear, with the three-step Q&A process included in this eBook you’ll be able to pinpoint what your wardrobe needs to make it easier for you to dress better and practical pieces for your lifestyle.


26 Pieces That Will Help you dress better


If you want to be able to easily put together stylish looks around all of your clothes and stop settling on wearing the same outfits - you need your wardrobe basics, like capsule wardrobes, your basics are their own capsule but instead you can wear these pieces all year long not just one season. They allow you to style the same clothes differently, make it easier to transition your clothes through different seasons and create more outfits with the clothes in your closet.


These 26 pieces are a combination of dressy and casual garments, shoes and accessories.  Having a combination of both will make it easier for you to create different outfits around everything in your wardrobe without always having to shop for new clothes and give you plenty of outfit ideas that will carry you through different occasions and events.

Building A Wardrobe: The Basics eBook shows you that you don't have to conform to a "certain look" that you don't love but how to embrace a style that is timeless and stylish. This eBook helps you break out of your fashion rut and update your wardrobe with pieces that'll make you feel excited to get dress and create a closet filled with styles that work best for you. You'll have a wardrobe filled with clothes you'll never have to second-guess if they're in or not and a new approach to putting together a more exciting selection that doesn't feel dull or boring.


Two Capsule Wardrobes Included:

  1. All Casual Clothes, Shoes & Accessories

  2. Mix Of Casual & Dressy Clothes, Shoes & Accessories

With tips on how to avoid creating a boring or frumpy wardrobe and keep a neutral color base more exciting and versatile!

Petite, Regular, Tall & Plus Sizes Included


This eBook provides you with the basic pieces you can wear throughout any season.  Below are a few sample outfits mixing and matching your basic pieces to cater towards fall:

Use this outfit guide to swap out some of your basics for your favorite seasonal staples, and it will be an instant match:

Once a season is over, you'll still be able to wear the same pieces and style them differently for a different season without having to shop for new pieces. You'll have 165 ways to mix and match your clothes to create casual and dressy outfits that'll work in any season and allow you to put together new outfits around the clothes in your closet:


This eBook provides you with the year-round base pieces to create endless outfits that will work during any season.

You instantly have a ton of new outfits with your basics, lifetime access to an online shopping guide so you can update your wardrobe and an outfit guide to reference when you need a new outfit idea!


A million thanks again for what you are doing - your work has been incredibly helpful to me, and I am getting lots of compliments on my style. And this is from someone who used to feel defeated standing in front of my wardrobe every morning.
You have single-handedly cured me of a compulsive desire to shopshopshop. I am now looking at my wardrobe with love and excitement.
I just want to tell you I’ve done many capsule programs in the last few years, and I ordered your wardrobe basics e-book yesterday, and it is THE best of them all without question. I love that you’ve explained how to do simple, neutral classics without being boring (the rule of three is brilliant) - AND I had many pieces that can work with this approach in my closet; I just wasn’t using them because they weren’t organized. I’m going to work through building all the basics, and then will look at your seasonal books when I’m ready.

Anyways, just a note of thanks and WELL DONE; really, there are so many capsules out there but yours is by far the best I’ve come across. Wish I’d found you a few years ago when I started doing capsules! 👏👏👏

Your wardrobe basics make getting dressed fun - No Stress, Spend Less, Be Better Dressed